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You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen Flavor Flav Do The Weather Forecast
Flavor Flav does Salt Lake City's weather forecast.

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Hungry Humanoid Robot Driving a Car Puzzles Unsuspecting Drive-Thru Employees
A prankster makes a human-like robot look as if it is driving a car, and scares the crap out of drive-thru workers.

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Man prepares to deadlift, gets knocked unconscious by his hype man instead
A spotter accidentally knocks out his weightlifting partner in this short comedy clip.

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Hilarious Video: A Ruthless Prankster Wires A Guys' Brake Pedal To His Horn
a man embarres his colleague by wiring his friend's rn to his truck's brake pedal.

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vine compilation 2014.

Vine Comp Of The Week Part 86! WorldStarHipHop Vines Compilation 2014 Funniest Vines 2014
vine compilation 2014.

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Lazy Dog Allows Door To Repeatedly Close On Her Head (Video)
A dog is captured on video allowing an automatic door to hit her head as she was too lazy to move.

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Instant Karma: Guy Gets Exactly What He Deserves After Kicking Cat (Video)
A jerk kicks his cat off of a lounge chair, and receives a quick dose of karma shortly thereafter.

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The best of Thug Life compilation.

The best of Thug Life compilation.

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Not Over Til' It's Over - A Girl Comes Back Hard In An Epic Neighborhood Fight (Video)
a fight between two teenage girls takes a dramatic turn when a girl on the losing end, finally gains the upper hand.

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This Tiny Little Girl Found A Broken Machine At Chuck E Cheese And Stole A Mountain Of Tickets
A cute toddler finds her way into a broken game at Chuck E. Cheese, and steals a large amount of tickets.

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Health Snobs Get Tricked Into Thinking Sugar Water Is Pressed Juice (Video)
Farmer's market attendees get tricked into thinking artificially made juices are organic.

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The Lakers may be without Kobe Bryant, but at least they have Kelly, Clarkson
A funny vine puts a twist on the names of two Lakers' players, using a sound bite from Steve Carell in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."

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Is This A Super-Intense, Female Arm Wrestling Champion Or A Dinosaur? [VIDEO]
An intense arm wrestler creates an epic scene of chaos when she wins a championship match.

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Angry Cat Is Determined To Destroy Guy Who Was Being A Complete D*ck (Video)
A cat shows determination when trying to attack a man that got on its wrong side.

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'The Price Is Right' contestant gets it all wrong
A contestant on the 'Price Is Right' makes a terrible bid after being called down from the audience.

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