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An accident is an unexpected event that usually leads to injury or damage. Even though generally accidents are considered humorous in this section we have found some of the most hilarious, funny accident videos that we could find from all across the Internet. You will see a teenager wrecking his parents Porsche Carrera, a car crash that involves a porta potty and a biker that get hit by a car and lands on her feet and walks away. These are just a few of the comical videos you will find in this section.

You will also find a few compilations videos of things like sports accidents, pranks that went wrong and every type of fail you could possibly think of that has been caught on tape.

All Bad: Montreal's First Snowfall Of The Year Causes Car Pile Up Which Includes A Police Patrol Vehicle!
Winter storm causes buses, cars and a snow plow to go crashing into each other

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Man captures his own car crash on camera while filming himself singing at 70mph
We Can All Feel For Guy Who Crashes Car Because Hes Belting Out His Fave Song

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Rich Idiot Wrecks Million Dollar Ferrari LaFerrari Minutes After Leaving The Dealership
A Ferrari driver idiotically wrecks his expensive sports car briefly after purchasing the car from a dealership in Hungary.

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Redneck Chick Goes HAYWIRE On Dude In BMW Who Tapped Her Truck At A Red LightGives The F*ck You Tit Grab
a florida woman goes nuts after a small accident between a truck she is riding in and a bmw.

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"Drift King" hits a guy after losing control of a powerful dodge viper!
a man attempting to take selfies is struck by a dodge viper after the driver loses control.

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Florida Man Accidentally Films Himself In Car Crash While Using GoPro (Video)
A man filming himself with a selfie stick hanging from his window crashes into the car in front of him.

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Man Watches His Motorcycle Get Destroyed By Student Driver In Car (Video)
a student driver obliterates a motorcycle while backing up in the middle of a street.

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When Two Idiots Street Race During A Rainstorm Nobody Wins, Except For Us Watching Them Crash
The driver of a Ford Mustang crashes into a pole after losing control durinng an impromptu road race.

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Caught on dashcam: Learner driver parks up for first ever lesson... and cyclist crashes straight into his car
A distracted cyclist crashes into a parked car while fidgeting with his bike equipment.

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Ouch! Brand New C7 Corvette Z06 Smashes Into Trees
The owner of an exclusive new Corvette wrecks it into a group of trees while on a test run.

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Friends Record Car Singalong With Selfie Stick And It’s An Epic Failure (Video)
a car singalong being recorded by a selfie stick records a brutal car crash.

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An Insurance Scammer Literally Runs Into Cars To Get Paid (Dash Cam Video)
A dash camera records a man attempting to exploit the insurance of drivers that he purposely runs into.

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This Is Why You Should Never Let Your Teenager Drive Your Hundred Thousand Dollar Porsche(Video)
A teen takes his parent's $100,000 Porsche Carrera for a joyride and wrecks it.

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Road Raging Biker Gets A Little Instant Karma When He Tries To Kick A Car
a biker falls to the ground when trying to kick a car in a fit of road rage.

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This Minivan Driver Absolutely Loses His Sh*t After He Cuts Off A Cyclist
video of a road rage incident between an angry van driver and a bicyclist.

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