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Some people catch the darnest things on video and as the audience we appreciate it. When it comes to animals, sometimes you have to wonder how people catch certain things on video and live to post it whether it’s a personal pet or animal in the wild. No matter how dangerous some of the videos may look those are sometimes the funniest ones.

Here in this section, we have added the most popular and viral funny animal video from all over the Internet. We have searched all over the Internet and have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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The internet can go home now because dogs have officially won the mannequin challenge
Exceptionally obedient dogs are nailing the mannequin challenge video

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Watch A Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attack A Walmart Employee In A Parking Lot Because, Hell, Why Wouldnt You?
A frightened monkey wearing a diaper freaks out on a Walmart employee.

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Video of Moose Playing With Wind Chimes Goes Viral
An Alaskan moose tries to 'harmonize' with wind chimes sitting outside of a home.

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This Cockatoo Bird Will Teach You How To Curse Like A Sailor In The Greatest Profanity Rant Ever
a atoo goes on a profanity-laden tirade when a man destroys its broken cage.

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Raccoon Jonesin' For A Sugar Fix Busts Into Donut Shop Through Roof, Steals Himself A Donut
a rac is caught on camera stealing a donut from a bakery by sneaking in through the sp's roof.

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If only we could all be this happy! Joyous moment orangutan rolls around in hysterics after watching a disappearing trick
an orangutan laughs hysterically when a magician does a simple magic trick using an unripened chestnut.

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Donald Trump Almost Getting Attacked By An Eagle Is Pretty F*cking Funny (Video)
Hilarious footage of a bald eagle not warming up too kindly to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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Benny: Slutrus
Move Over, Pizza Rat: Selfie Rat Just Took The Win (Video)
A subway rat snaps a selfie of himself, startling and waking up the phone's owner while in his lap.

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Watch This Tiny French Bulldog Scare The Bejesus Out Of These Big Ol Bears
The shocking moment when a fearless bulldog scares two bears away.

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Woman is hysterical while begging bear to stop breaking her kayak
Woman cries when a bear destroys her kayak in the woods.

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The power of Christ works on dogs?

The Power of Christ Compels You
The power of Christ works on dogs?

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Police Officer Comes To The Rescue For Skunk Stuck In Yogurt Container (Video)
A heroic cop saves a small skunk who had it's head stuck inside of a container of yogurt.

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A Cat Stowed Away On A Glider And Suddenly Realised It Had Made A Big Mistake
A cat hitches a ride on an airplane and reacts in utter terror upon realizing its big mistake.

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This fan-Shot video of a squirrel diving into the Phillies dugout is thrilling
A squirrel takes a monstrous leap into the dugout of the Philadelphia Phillies during the second inning of a recent game.

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Coolest Bear Ever Waves To People And Casually Catches A Slice Of Bread (Video)
A super cool bear waves and catches a piece of bread thrown by a human in the most casual way.

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