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Even if you’re not a pet lover you just have to admit that animals do some of the funniest and cutest things. People catch some of the most epic animal moments on video. Here in this section, we have added the most popular and viral funny animal videos from all over the Internet.

We have searched all over the Internet and have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here. While you are browsing through our collection of jokes, memes and articles please be so kind as to rate your favorites and share with your friends and kappit! Since we are always adding new content to this section we invite you to check back often.

People Can’t Get Enough Of This Guy’s Videos With His ‘Squad’ Of Deer Friends
a guy's videos featuring his relationship with a family of deer goes viral

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This Bro’s Dog Freaks Out Every Time He Flips It Off Though It’s Unclear What The Dog Did Wrong In The First Place
a tiny dog attacks its owner every time he is given the middle finger.

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Everyone's Bugging Out Over The Video Of Bears Walking On Two Legs And Catching Food, Now I Know Why
A group of tourists in South Korea are entertained by bears walking on hind legs in exchange for snacks.

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Rum-Drunk Monkey Wields Butcher Knife
A drunk monkey armed with a butcher knife holds off local authorities in a rooftop standoff.

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when you're buying drinks at the bar and  sw up like...

When hoes see u buying drinks at the bar
when you're buying drinks at the bar and sw up like...

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This Mailman Gets Attacked By A Pack Of Wild Turkeys Every Single Day (Video)
A mailman in a small town says that a group of turkeys attack him while on route, every single day.

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Chimp versus chump as motorcyclist gets into fist fight with monkey
a motorcycle fights a monkey in thailand for peeing on and biting the bike's seat.

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Kangaroo Chases Terrified Golfers (Video)
two grown men scream in terror as they are chased by a kangaroo on a golf course.

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 Yeah go ahead an pull it through...thanks bud.

Cats aren't as useless as everyone says USEFUL CAT TEAMWORK
Yeah go ahead an pull it through...thanks bud.

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Video: Subway Rat Could Use A Little Help Lugging This Pizza Slice Down The Stairs
A huge New York City rat attempts to carry a large slice of pizza home on the subway.

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Bow bow bow bow...flocka!

When yur dog waka af
Bow bow bow bow...flocka!

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Man catches fish with bare hands on live TV
A man catches a fish in the flooded streets of Tampa, Florida.

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Bear Attacks A Woman In A Clear Box On This Wild Japanese Game Show (Video)
this leaked trailer from an upcoming anese game sw features a lady in a box being pushed by a bear.

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Coolest Bear Ever Waves To People And Casually Catches A Slice Of Bread (Video)
A super cool bear waves and catches a piece of bread thrown by a human in the most casual way.

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Woman Finds Pissed-Off Possum Who Turns Out To Be Hiding An Adorable Secret
A woman discovers a possum with a litter of babies hiding in her closet.

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