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These cyclists being chased by an ostrich is like a scene out of Jurassic Park
Amazing footage of cyclists in South Africa are chased by a very persistent Ostrich.

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Police Officer Comes To The Rescue For Skunk Stuck In Yogurt Container (Video)
A heroic cop saves a small skunk who had it's head stuck inside of a container of yogurt.

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Guy goes on a run with his dog, gets chased by a huge elk
An elk gives chase to a man who is a scenic jog with his dog.

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Animals See Themselves In A Mirror For The First Time And It’s Hilarious (Video)
Wild animals react to seeing their reflections in a mirror.

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Pet parrot pulls out boy's wobbly tooth
An unusual video has emerged of a pet bird who yanks a boy's wobbly tooth. and it's not the first time.

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This Terrifying Bird Laughing Like An Evil Villain Cannot Be Trusted (Video)
A bird shows off its oddly terrifying laugh.

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Lazy Dog Allows Door To Repeatedly Close On Her Head (Video)
A dog is captured on video allowing an automatic door to hit her head as she was too lazy to move.

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Cat Attacks Father Who Is 'Hitting' Baby (Video)
A cat attempts to protect a small baby when he believes that the child's father is hitting it.

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Man Guts Open Gigantic Snake With Machete, What He Finds Inside Horrifies Him
a hunter cuts open a snake and finds another snake inside.

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Owl shows up in man's car to chill out and listen to music
Crazy footage of a wild owl riding along with two guys in a car, listening to music.

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9 Foods That Are Impossible To Catch If You Are This Dog
A viral video shows a dog that can't seem to find a way to catch delicious food items being hurled at its mouth.

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Watch terrifying moment lion opens car door with its TEETH as safari passengers scream
Tourists on a safari learn that lions can open car doors in a very direct way.

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The slow motion video of a pug jumping into a log is all you need in life
A hilarious slow motion video shows a cute pug failing miserably while jumping over a log.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Actually Interviewed A White Llama On Television (Video)
A CNN anchor interviews a celebrity llama after a llama chase in Arizona goes viral on the internet.

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This Crazy Dude Laughs While Being Bitten By A Giant White Python (Video)
A white python viciously bites a man while trying to film a segment sitting inside of a wild snake enclosure.

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