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Astros park rookie's Range Rover in center, bounce batting practice ball off it
A rookie for the Houston Astros is pranked pre-game. His teammates park his car in the outfield while practicing batting.

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Lucky Tigers Fan Snags Five Foul Balls During Game, Hands Them Out Like Halloween Candy To Nearby Kids
A Detroit Tigers fan snags 5 foul balls during a recent game against the Pirates.

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The Royals Won Last Night, But This Little Girl Who Took A Ninja Kick To The Dome Lost
Kansas City Royals' Jonny Gomes accidentally decks a running baby while swinging his child in celebration of a huge victory.

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Sad Yankees Fan Gets Three Chances To Catch A Foul Ball And Misses Every Single One
A baseball fan with great seats has three opportunities to catch a foul ball, and is embarrassed when he can't make it happen.

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This ballboy has no idea the Chicago White Sox pranked him
A Chicago White Sox ball boy is pranked by members of the team and he has no clue.

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Girl's softball trick shot is better than any bat flip you'll ever see
A girl does an amazing softball bat trick before batting the ball away.

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Bad dad almost crushes child trying to catch Albert Pujols home run
A baseball fan almost crushes his young child while trying to grab a home run ball.

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Random Softball Slugger Hits A Mind Boggling Behind-The-Back Home Run
A softball player hits a home run swinging the bat backwards.

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Fan Ran On The Field, Took An Epic Selfie Video And Still Escaped Police
A baseball fan runs across the field during an MLB game, and escapes without being caught.

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Pirates' Jung Ho Kang brightens rain delay with 'Gangnam Style' dance
An MLB player entertains his team during a rain delay with his version of the "Gangnam Style" dance.

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Hungry, terrifying tarp swallows groundskeeper at Pirates-Padres game
Groundskeepers at an MLB game are hilariously swallowed by a tarp being set up for a rain delay.

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Man makes incredible One-Handed catch while holding baby at Cubs game
Fan makes amazing catch of foul ball while holding baby.

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This fan-Shot video of a squirrel diving into the Phillies dugout is thrilling
A squirrel takes a monstrous leap into the dugout of the Philadelphia Phillies during the second inning of a recent game.

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Fan Blows Kiss to Rays' Chris Archer; He Catches It, Throws It Away
A baseball fan blows a kiss to Tampa Bay Ray's player Chris Archer, who promptly rejects the kiss by 'throwing it away'.

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Rangers accidentally drench reporter with Gatorade after Josh Hamilton walkoff hit
A baseball reporter is drenched with Gatorade during an on-field postgame interview.

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