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'Mom, shut up!' This MMA star had an awkward moment during his UFC debut last night
MMA fighter gets annoyed by his mother mid-fight and tells her to shut up.

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Fat Joe Plays His Song to Uber Riders: "I Thought Fat Joe was Dead'
Fat Joe Uber drives and makes people listen to his music.

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Bros With Access To The Most Realistic Dinosaur In The World Use It To Scare The Poo Outta Their Coworkers (VIDEO)
Pranksters use a very realistic Dinosaur costume to prank co-workers in a parking garage.

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Watch This News Reporter Facepalm Some Dope Who Dropped A ‘FHRITP’ Live During The Blizzard
a reporter stiff-arms a kid w utters the infamous 'fhritp' during a live news report.

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Guy Harasses More Drive-Thru Employees With His Hilarious Robot Driver (Video)
a magician/prankster hares drive-thru employees with his new "drive thru robot driver" prank.

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Random Softball Slugger Hits A Mind Boggling Behind-The-Back Home Run
A softball player hits a home run swinging the bat backwards.

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Reporter Goes Absolutely Nuts As Cicadas Take Over Her Entire Shot (Video)
Cicadas cause a news reporter causing her to freak out in a news segment.

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This Might Be the Best Local News Interview Ever
An interesting eyewitness gives details of a police car wreck in an unforgettable interview.

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Japan's Weird "Lick The Banana" Competition is a Tough One To Win [NSFW]
contestants on a very sexually suggestive anese game sw try to lick the ccolate off of a ccolate covered banana.


This Bear And Human Both Scare The Sh*t Out Of Each Other And It’s Hilarious
A short clip shows the funny reactions of a human and bear when they run into each other by chance.

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Grizzlies' Tony Allen Walks Through Warriors Kids' Dance Routine, Gets Booed
Basketball player Tony Allen accidentally walks through a kids' dance routine during an NBA playoff game and is booed for it.

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Wife Shames Drunk Husband For Ending Up On High Ledge In Their House (Video)
A wife shames her husband's drunk antics by recording a video of him attempting a silly stunt and sending it to his Mom.

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"Slap Contest Knockout" Is Exactly What It Sounds Like
a contestant in a slapping contest is knocked out after receiving a mive slap.

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Not Over Til' It's Over - A Girl Comes Back Hard In An Epic Neighborhood Fight (Video)
a fight between two teenage girls takes a dramatic turn when a girl on the losing end, finally gains the upper hand.

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These Challenges Gettin' Outta Hand: The Savage Slide Challenge!
video of a man completing the sae slide challenge, in a small grocery store.

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