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Guy Posts Hilarious Snap Story Of His Neighbors Having Super Loud Sex At 4 AM
the funny moment a man snapchats his neighbors having very loud sexual relations at 4 am.

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Shaq Pretended To Be A Lyft Driver And People Got So Confused
Shaquille O'Neal goes "undercover" as a Lyft driver.

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High school student section distracts FT shooter with mock baby delivery
A few fans in a high school student section take the 'free throw distraction' to new levels.

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Basketball player puts a dog on skates with a filthy crossover
A basketball player makes a dog fall while the poor pup tries it's best to steal the irresistible basketball.

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Angry Carolina Panthers Mom Throwin Elbows After Her Son Doesnt Get A Touchdown Ball
A mom/fan at a recent Panthers game gets upset when her kid doesn't receive a touchdown football.

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Most Epic Happy Ending Massage Prank
a youtuber pranks his friend into getting maged by a huge man w hilariously abuses his body.

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WATCH: Lakers' Kobe Bryant roasted in NBA Jam parody
Kobe Bryant's bad shooting is parodied in this humorous NBA Jam simulation.

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Watch An Elmo Toy Get "Tickled" By A Jet Engine
a youtuber blasts an elmo toy with a jet engine.

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A local TV reporter dropped his microphone right into a tuba
News reporter accidentally drops a microphone down a student's instrument during a live report at a pep rally..

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Woman Pranks Unsuspecting Guys By Asking Them To Hold Her Panties (Video)
a prankster tricks random guys into lding her underwear, and they all seem to pleasantly oblige.

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Porn Stars Reading Mean Comments About Themselves Is Pretty Hilarious (Video)
brazzers porn stars read mean comments on pornhub.

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WATCH: Video of rude waitress abusing customers goes viral
a waitress at the famous ed debovic's in chicago, hilariously picks on a group of customers while taking their order.

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LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Laugh at Russell Westbrook After Botched Drill
Russell Westbrook receives a few laughs from USA basketball teammates LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony for messing up on a drill.

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Fan Throws Cheeseburger At Soccer Player, He Eats It (Video)
A crazy fan throws a burger at a soccer player during a match, and the Argentinian footballer handles it in epic fashion.

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Demon Child Scare Prank!
a girl dressed up as a 'demon child' scares the crap out of strangers in secluded locations.

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