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Sewage truck bursts, douses cars, road in human waste
Footage of a sewage truck exploding and sending flying poop water everywhere.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Plays Paparazzi and Sneaks Up on Pal Jonah Hill Completely Scaring Him!
Leonardo DiCaprio pranks Jonah Hill by acting as a crazed fan walking down the street.

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'I don't do jet diggers!' Prankster convinces strange woman to ditch her boyfriend and fly to Miami with him by wowing her with private jet
A prankster approaches a random woman who is in a relationship, and tricks her into thinking he's going to fly her on his jet.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People Their Reaction To ‘MLK Endorsing Trump’ And Proves, Once Again, That Most People Are Stupid
Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' asks people on the street about MLK's recent 'endorsement' of Donald Trump.

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This 'Can I Hold Your C**k' Prank Is Utterly Entertaining In Its Simplicity
pranksters trick innocent persby in this 'punny' chicken prank.

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This Woman Had The Absolute Worst Guesses In Wheel Of Fortune History (Video)
A woman performs terribly on 'Wheel Of Fortune' by guessing some very unusual letters.

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That one old lady in church who gets down with the Holy Ghost!

Mike: I have yet to see this
When the old lady on her walker catch the spirit
That one old lady in church who gets down with the Holy Ghost!

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Here is Drake kicking a soccer ball and breaking a lamp
Drake kicks a soccer ball and breaks a light casing nearby.

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This Video Of A Bloodthirsty Koala Chasing A Woman Is Terrifying And Hilarious
Disturbing clip of a koala chasing after an Australian woman on a four wheeler.

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Guy Uses Horrible Pick-Up Lines He Read On Tinder To Try To Get Dates (Video)
a prankster uses pick up lines from tinder to approach unsuspecting strangers and receives hilarious reactions.

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i knew chicks weren't loyal when darla left alfalfa for waldo!

When I first realized that these hoes weren't loyal
i knew chicks weren't loyal when darla left alfalfa for waldo!

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Dude tries to show off his muscles, gets shamed instead
A woman steals a man's 'Flexcam' moment by showing off her amazing arms.

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This Gospel Version Of ‘CoCo’ Is The Only Thing You Need To Hear Today
a guy dresses up as an old church lady and covers the hit "i'm in love with the coco."

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Girl Freaks Out As Buffalo She's Feeding Tries To Slip Her The Tongue (Video)
A buffalo gets a bit too friendly with a woman driving through a farm attempting to feed the animals.

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 When bae says you can claim the kids on your taxes this year.

When she tells you that you can claim her kids on your income tax return
When bae says you can claim the kids on your taxes this year.

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