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Everyone's Bugging Out Over The Video Of Bears Walking On Two Legs And Catching Food, Now I Know Why
A group of tourists in South Korea are entertained by bears walking on hind legs in exchange for snacks.

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Missed Dunk By Louisville Player Somehow Turns Into One Of The Best Slams Ive Ever Seen
Donovan Mitchell of the Louisville men's basketball team, sees an incredible dunk go in after mishandling the basketball.

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YouTuber goes snowboarding on the streets of New York City
Youtuber Casey Neistat treks through a snow-filled New York City on a snowboard.

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This Homeless Mans Unbelievable Magic Trick Turns The Entire Sidewalk Into A Goddamn Frenzy
a meless man does an incredible magic trick with a cigarette and sends a watching crowd into a frenzy.

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This Real Life Mortal Kombat Video Is Absolutely Brutal And Definitely NSFW
a group of australian youtubers sw what mortal kombat fatalities would look like in real life.

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Wake Forest WR Has a Secret Handshake with over 50 Members of the Team
A football player for Wake Forest shows off his amazing ability of remembering secret handshakes.

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Watch These Two Lunatic Dudes Practice Parkour On The Edge Of A Skyscraper In Russia
two russian men use skyscrapers to practice dangerous parkour stunts.

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Blue Angels Fly-By buzzes beachgoers, sends umbrellas and tents flying
The Blue Angels fly over a beach in Pensacola, Florida and amaze a large crowd relaxing at the beach.

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Man Ties 100 Balloons To Garden Chair, Flies, Gets Arrested
A man ties over a hundred balloons to a lawn chair and gets arrested when he lands.

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Skateboard fail to win

Ya boy never mess up!
Skateboard fail to win

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Man, 90, Intentionally Drives Car Through Garage Door (Video)
An elderly man fulfills an item on his bucket list when he backs an SUV through a garage door, purposely.

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Stoners Can Actually Pay With Weed Instead Of Cash At This Drive-Thru (Video)
drive-thru employees at a restaurant in seattle accept a few tokes of wax as payment for food.

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Nobody In Compton Was Expecting This Nerd To Be An Amazing Rapper (Video)
a rapper dresses up as a nerd and wows persby by rapping a track off of his new album.

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You Will Never Jump Into A River Again After Seeing These Piranhas Eat (Video)
Footage captured in Brazil shows the vicious feeding habits of piranhas.

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Epic Vine! This Dude Hits An Amazing Japanese Style Trick Shot (Video)
A student lands an almost magical trick shot with his back turned using a bottle and a moving trash can.

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