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That Viral Video Of A Guy Riding An Ostrich Through Traffic, Is Totally Fake...
A Kazakhstan bank says it was behind the marketing stunt.

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This Man Gets Chased by a Lion After Losing a Bet LMAO! (VIDEO)
Man runs in extreme panic when he is chased by a caged lion after losing a bet.

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Memphis' Reggis Ball Appears to Tackle Auburn Ball Boy, Steal Ball and Flip Bird
memphis player swipes game ball from auburn equipment staff.

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 Mom forgot the mashed potatoes, so now no one gets to enjoy Thanksgiving!

When mom forgot to make mash potatoes
Mom forgot the mashed potatoes, so now no one gets to enjoy Thanksgiving!

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Miami Hurricanes Win Game With Miracle 8 Lateral Kickoff Return And OMG!!!
Miami Hurricanes amazing kickoff return for a winning touchdown with no time left on the clock.

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Redneck Chick Goes HAYWIRE On Dude In BMW Who Tapped Her Truck At A Red LightGives The F*ck You Tit Grab
a florida woman goes nuts after a small accident between a truck she is riding in and a bmw.

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Wild Fan Gets Sacked By An Eagles Player After Running On The Field (Video)
Philadelphia Eagles' cornerback Nolan Carroll tackles a fan who runs onto the field during the halftime break of a football game.

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Painfully Watch This Dude Take A Golf Club To His $170,000 Benz After It Repeatedly Breaks Down
A man takes a golf club to his Mercedes Benz after it allegedly kept breaking down.

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Man catches fish with bare hands on live TV
A man catches a fish in the flooded streets of Tampa, Florida.

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'I'm Drinking This Guinness All In One Go': Young Boy Chugs Beer (Video)
video swing a young boy drinking in a crowded bar goes viral.

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There's Actually A Handjob Competition Where Women Race To Jerk Guys Off
an asian porn game sw compeion challenges two women to duel by giving hand-jobs to random strangers.


Woman walks completely NAKED into a convenience store... but the other busy shoppers barely notice
a woman walked into a wawa convenience store in delran, new jersey.

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Man spots banana moving – then spider bursts out
Spider bursts out of banana in YouTube video captured by Kaleb Lechowski.

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This fan-Shot video of a squirrel diving into the Phillies dugout is thrilling
A squirrel takes a monstrous leap into the dugout of the Philadelphia Phillies during the second inning of a recent game.

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PRANKS: Man Gets His Ball Sack Stuck In A Bike, But Can He Convince Anybody To Help Him? (NSFW)
pranksters ask persby to help remove their 's' from their bikes in this squeamish prank.

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