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The news is usually streamed live which makes for some pretty funny news bloopers. Here is where we have added the best of the news bloopers we could find so you will find videos here of things like a reporter trying to explain sled safety and ends up sliding head first into a giant snowman. There are so many bloopers that we have even added compilation videos and some have been categorized by month and sometimes both month and year.

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Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in 2017.

Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in 2017.

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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Topless Woman Crashes Live TV Newscast (Video)
a flasher crashes a live st. patrick's day news report in arlington, va.

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Watch This News Reporter Facepalm Some Dope Who Dropped A ‘FHRITP’ Live During The Blizzard
a reporter stiff-arms a kid w utters the infamous 'fhritp' during a live news report.

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Philly TV Reporters Are Getting Pelted With Snowballs While Reporting On Blizzard
TV reporters in Philly get hit with snowballs while attempting to live report a major snowstorm.

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TV News Anchor Fails Math During Powerball Report (Video)
A news anchor talking about the Powerball jackpot seems to be really bad at math.

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The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Are F*cking Hysterical (Video)
A compilation of the funniest news bloopers to hit the airwaves in 2015.

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News Reporter Claps Back At Heckler With A Your Mom' Joke On Live TV
palm springs reporter joe galli was doing a report on thanksgiving at the westfield palm desert mall when someone suted fhritp.

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A local TV reporter dropped his microphone right into a tuba
News reporter accidentally drops a microphone down a student's instrument during a live report at a pep rally..

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TV Weatherman Falls Into Pool During Broadcast (Video)
An Australian weatherman falls into a pool on accident while shooting a live segment.

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A Morning News Team "Hits The Quan" During A Commercial Break (Video)
Members of a morning news team in New Orleans show how they get down to the popular "Hit The Quan" dance.

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Man catches fish with bare hands on live TV
A man catches a fish in the flooded streets of Tampa, Florida.

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This Guy Is Hysterically Bad At Jumping Rails - Falls During A Live News Report (Video)
A man fails at jumping over a rail while a reporter is shooting a live news segment.

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Girl Actually Pees Herself While Being Interviewed Live On Television
A young lady accidentally urinates on herself while being interviewed by a news reporter on live television.

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Reporter tries to sled on live TV, goes head first into giant snowman instead
A news reporter tries to explain how to sled safely, and fails miserably at it while on live television.

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