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Dead Dude With Mad Game Gets One Obituary From His Wife, One From His Girlfriend And One Seemingly Eventful Funeral
New Jersey man's wife and girlfriend, place obituaries in the newspaper for their dead lover, side by side.

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The Banana Peel Challenge Is the Latest Internet Trend and Someone Is Definitely Going to End Up in the Hospital
Teenagers are slipping all over the internet because of the 'Banana Peel Challenge'

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Reporter Pays Respect To Phife Dawg In The Greatest Traffic Report To Ever Appear On The News
Traffic reporter drops A Tribe Called Quest rhymes to pay respect for rapper Phife Dawg who recently passed.

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Topless Woman Crashes Live TV Newscast (Video)
a flasher crashes a live st. patrick's day news report in arlington, va.

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High School Basketball Player Gives Reporter Thirstiest Stare Of All-Time After Winning State Title
A basketball player stares down an interviewer in a very awkward moment after winning the state title.

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This 110-Year-Old Woman Just Gave The Most Badass Interview Ever
Flossie Dickey brings in 110 years on this earth, with the most epic television interview ever.

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Dude Gets Shot in the Chest, Smokes Cigarette During Live TV Interview Right After
A man does a casual interview in front of his house, shortly after being shot in the chest at the same location.

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Watch This News Reporter Facepalm Some Dope Who Dropped A ‘FHRITP’ Live During The Blizzard
a reporter stiff-arms a kid w utters the infamous 'fhritp' during a live news report.

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TV Reporter Spotted Bank Robbery Suspect While Filming A Live Segment (Video)
A suspected bank robber appears when a news reporter is shooting a live shot for KIMT News 3 in Minnesota.

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Shirtless Jogger Becomes Viral Star After Crashing Chicago Weather Forecast
Muscly shirtless jogger gets more than 1 MILLION views in viral news interview where he admits he's single.

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Elderly woman arrested for making purses out of neighbors "missing"...
Elderly woman arrested for making purses out of neighbors "missing"...

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Dabbing was a beautiful thing, until these TV anchors ruined it
The popular 'Dab' dance is totally ruined by news anchors across America.

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Hockey Reporter Makes Hilarious NSFW Slip When Trying To Say Herniated Disk
a sports reporter makes a hilarious slip of the tongue during a ckey broadcast.

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A local TV reporter dropped his microphone right into a tuba
News reporter accidentally drops a microphone down a student's instrument during a live report at a pep rally..

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Reporter Calls Out Man For Shouting [email protected] Her Right In The P#$!y During Her Live Broadcast
a reporter confronts a man on a live broadcast for yelling out the now famous phrase, 'f**k her right in the p**sy.'

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