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Rare Pokemon Sparks Massive Stampede In Taiwan
Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans started running when the Snorlax monster appeared in the busy streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

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Twitter Reacts To Shaunae Miller Diving To Win 400m
The funniest memes after Shaunae Miller's epic gold-winning dive.

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Under Armour Unveiled The Steph Curry 2 Shoes Last Night And HOLY HELL, Twitter Roasted Them Hard
Social media users make a plethora of memes about Steph Curry's new shoe release.

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The Best Memes of LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers Raining Threes on the Atlanta Hawks
the internet reacts to the cavalier's 3-point record setting game against the atlanta hawks.

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8 USC linemen got stuck in a hot elevator and cried, tweeted and rapped about it
A USC lineman's hilarious reactions on Twitter to being stuck in an elevator with his teammates.

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You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen Flavor Flav Do The Weather Forecast
Flavor Flav does Salt Lake City's weather forecast.

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sex robots are being made to replace men by 2025
sex robots are being made to replace men by 2025

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This Woman Who Saved Her Pizzas From Rapid Flooding Is All Of Us (Video)
A SC citizen gives a funny tale of how she saved her frozen pizzas during a flood emergency.

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This Girl Is Actually Still Alive After An Insane Fall Off A Railing (Video)
The terrifying fall of a girl goes viral on social media, and the main culprit in the video seems to be doing just fine.

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A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say
The parents of civil rights leader Rachel Dolezal out their daughter as a white woman pretending to be black.

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Guy Gets $325 From GoFundMe So He Can Make Sure His Girlfriend Won’t Cheat On Spring Break
A man creates a "GoFundMe" page in hopes of raising enough money to chaperon his girlfriend while she takes a Miami vacation.

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Heroic Guy Dressed As Batman Breaks Up Bloody Fight In New York City (Video)
a person dressed in a batman costume helps to break up a fight in the streets of nyc.

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Big Baby tries to bomb Chris Paul's interview, angers him instead
Glen Davis fails at trying to bomb an NBA postgame interview with his teammate Chris Paul.

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Inmate Manages To Escape From Jail By Walking Out The Front Door (Video)
A convict escapes prison by simply strolling out of the front door.

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Elephant Escapes From Thai National Park, Crushes Car
An elephant destroys a car in under two minutes after refusing to let it pass on a road in South Africa.

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