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Video of Moose Playing With Wind Chimes Goes Viral
An Alaskan moose tries to 'harmonize' with wind chimes sitting outside of a home.

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Convicted felon sings Adele-inspired 'sorry' to judge at sentencing
Convicted felon sings Adele-inspired sorry to judge at sentencing.

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#MemeHistory Explains World History Better Than Your Teachers
twitter users use memes to hilariously explain famous events in history.

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Miesha Tate Gets Revenge On The Cop Who Checked Out Her Butt At UFC 196 Weigh-Ins
ufc fighter miesha tate gets a little revenge on a police officer w was caught checking out her butt.

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man arrested for breaking into mes and tickling butt les
man arrested for breaking into mes and tickling butt les

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ESPN kicks Stanford marching band off of TV for mocking Iowans with ‘FarmersOnly’ jokes
Stanford's marching band pokes fun at the University of Iowa by mocking their regional tradition of farming.

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man kills friend after their balls touch during a 'three-some'
man kills friend after their balls touch during a 'three-some'

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LeBron James Catches Warriors Fan Calling Him a Crybaby (VIDEO)
The awkward moment a Warriors fan gets caught taunting LeBron as he stands a few feet away from her.

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The Monmouth Bench performed a scene from Star Wars
Monmouth basketball is at it again with their hilarious bench antics.

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People Are Having Condoms Explode On Their Heads In This New Challenge
young people across america take part in the ridiculous new #condomchallenge on social media.

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Dabbing was a beautiful thing, until these TV anchors ruined it
The popular 'Dab' dance is totally ruined by news anchors across America.

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This Dad Had No Idea He Was Filming His Entire Vacation In Selfie Mode (Video)
Irishman inadvertently creates hilarious guide to Las Vegas.

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Guy Catches His Roommate Totally Crushing Hotline Bling Dance Moves (Video)
a roommate is caught awkwardly dancing to drake's 'tline bling.'

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Watch 'Shoplifting suspect' slam into revolving glass door trying to escape
A young woman suspected of shoplifting in South Africa has been filmed running into a set of revolving doors, shattering the glass

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Watch three sumo wrestlers compete in epic foot race
Three sumo wrestlers race in a hilarious 40-yard dash.

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