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Children Hilariously Crashing A Live BBC TV Interview Is Frontrunner For Best News Blooper Of 2017
Adorable children crash a live BBC interview to bother their apologetic dad

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Kid Protestor To Fox News: I Set A Fire To Say Screw Our President
Watch: Young Protester Claims to Have Started Fire to Say 'Screw Our Presidnet'

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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Watch This Hot Reporter Go From A 10/10 To A Shaky 4/10 By Dripping Snot From Her Nose To Mouth Live On Camera
Snot drips down the nose of a reporter during a very gross live shot.

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News Reporter Claps Back At Heckler With A Your Mom' Joke On Live TV
palm springs reporter joe galli was doing a report on thanksgiving at the westfield palm desert mall when someone suted fhritp.

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This Man Already Set Up The Ultimate Crib To Camp Out For Black Friday (Video)
Black Friday shopper has the best Black Friday crib ever and a rap song to go with it.

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Oh My! NFL Network Accidentally Broadcasts a Locker Room Full of Naked Bengals Players [Video]
a nfl network camera catches bengals' players in the nude during a post-game interview in the team's locker room.

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Why news reporters take so long to respond

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Donald Trump's Newest Competition Is an Iowa Man Legally Named Deez Nuts
an iowa man legally named 'deez nuts' takes a huge percentage of a recent presidential race poll.

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Man catches fish with bare hands on live TV
A man catches a fish in the flooded streets of Tampa, Florida.

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Watching the Spanish Channel on the low...

Watching the Spanish Channel like
Watching the Spanish Channel on the low...

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'You know how awesome the Blackhawks are? They've got black people loving hockey.'
A newscaster records the moment when a black Chicago Blackhawks fan reacts to his team winning the Stanley Cup.

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Half-Naked Men Interrupt TV Reporter's Winter Report (Video)
A few half naked men crash a news reporter's live shot while reporting on frozen roads in the DC area.

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Awesome And Talented Cop Moonwalks While Directing Traffic In India (Video)
A traffic cop in India moonwalks to best grab the attention of motorists in traffic.

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News Interview with a guy who just bought the Jordan 11s and licked them on live TV
A few guys act a fool when they are interviewed on live television about getting a pair of Jordans.

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