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See De Niro, Tom Hanks, And Michael Jordan In The Most Star-Studded Mannequin Challenge At The White House
A team of the biggest celebrities came together for the greatest Mannequin Challenge at the White House!

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The Mannequin Challenge will actually make you miss planking
Students in high schools across the country started the latest group video challenge

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This Teen Applied A Facemask For The First Time And Instantly Regretted It
young woman experiments with a facemask and ends up in excruciatingly hilarious pain!

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Watch: Seth Rogen Brings Food to Life in Sausage Party Grocery Store Prank
Seth Rogen scares shoppers using animatronic food in a New York supermarket.

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'I don't do jet diggers!' Prankster convinces strange woman to ditch her boyfriend and fly to Miami with him by wowing her with private jet
A prankster approaches a random woman who is in a relationship, and tricks her into thinking he's going to fly her on his jet.

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Student’s Killer Crossover Dislocates His Teacher’s Knee In Front Of Entire School During Student-Faculty Basketball Game
A student shakes and bakes his teacher to the ground with a mean crossover during a game in front of their school.

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If You Weren’t A Prince Fan Before, This Video Of Him Kicking Kim Kardashian Off Stage Will Make You One
The funny and awkward moment when Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off the stage during a 2011 concert.

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Odell Beckham Jr. Dancing In Drake's Backyard Looks As Hilarious As It Sounds
nfl star odell beckham jr. is captured having some fun in the off-season by dancing in drake's backyard.

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WATCH: Serena Williams teaches how to twerk
Tennis star Serena Williams gives an impromptu twerk lesson to a lucky man passing by.

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Watch a Mississippi State player demolish a scared pancake mascot
A pancake mascot is knocked over in a recent college dunk contest.

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This Is What Happens When White People Go To A Black BBQ [WATCH]
this hilarious social experiment sws what happens when a white family visits a black bbq for the first time.

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Dude Gets Tinder Dates ‘High’ Vaping Weed But There’s A BIG Catch…
a prankster pretends to get his tinder dates high, to see w they will react

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Watch Thieves Get A Dirty Surprise In This Exploding Bait Purse Prank
A prankster baits people into stealing his/her purse and gives them a brilliant surprise when they do so.

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You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen Flavor Flav Do The Weather Forecast
Flavor Flav does Salt Lake City's weather forecast.

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This Escalator Hand-Touching Prank Is Both Brilliant And Completely Idiotic, So Basically The Perfect Prank
A prankster caresses stranger's hands while riding on an escalator and elicits some very hilarious responses.

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