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Now on social media there are two kinds of pictures, selfies and parody pictures. Photos like the men that photoshop images to make it seem like contouring their face made them look identical to a celebrity.

Here is where we have added the most humorous and funny photo gallery and articles that we could find while searching all over the Internet for the best ones. We have looked across the web and taken the funniest ones, including the ones you have sent us and added them here.

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This Woman Has The Largest Fake Boobs In The World, And They’re Huge (Photos)
a german model known as 'beshine' has the largest fake breasts in the world.

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Guy Asks Wrong Number For Nudes And Gets Tricked Into Drawing Animals (Photos)
a guy receives a text from another man asking for nudes, and hilariously leads the poor guy on.

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This Guy Can Turn Himself Into Any Celebrity By Using Makeup (Photos)
This article includes a gallery of makeup transformations that make this guy look like different celebrities.

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"Passenger Shaming" Photos Put Travelers With The Worst Etiquette On Blast
Funny picture gallery of some of the rudest and most ratchet passengers on various flights around the world.

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No, The Photo Of A Cheerleader Sh*tting In Mid-Air Isnt Real
a funny viral pic of cheerleaders, turns into a ptosp battle on reddit and the rest of social media.

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10 Kissing Styles Women Hate!
this article describes kissing styles that women can't stand, with picture references for detail.

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Celebs Grabbing Their Nuts For Testicular Cancer Is The New Ice Bucket Challenge
celebrities on twitter are starting to take part in the "feeling nuts" campaign to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

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Even More People Messing Around With Statues
Funny picture gallery of people who make good use of the statues around them.

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24 Bad Parkers Who Got A Swift Visit From Karma
picture gallery of people w park very rudely, and the subsequent karma for their actions.

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Today's Funny Photos From Mandatory
a collection of funny ptos found around the internet on 9/24/14.

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19 Animals Who've Had Enough Of The Kids In The Family
Funny photo gallery of pets who are fed up with the kids in their lives.

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kat: 4sammy
15 Wickedly Hilarious Pranks
picture gallery of some of the funniest pranks ever to be ptographed.

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27 Funny Forever Alone Moments
Funny picture gallery featuring some of the funniest forever alone themed pictures.

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These 21 Pregnancy Halloween Costumes Feel More Like A Trick Than A Treat.
view a picture gallery of some of the most innovative costumes for pregnant women to date.

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Someone Has Been Putting Drakes Face On Wheelchair Signs In Toronto And Its Amazing
A picture gallery of hilariously posted stickers featuring Drake's head placed on top of handicapped signs across Toronto.

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