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Freshly washed ballerinas
Freshly washed ballerinas

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Just saw this guy at the gym. Hes going to be thor tomorrow
Just saw this guy at the gym. Hes going to be thor tomorrow

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Captain America: Civil War Already Has a Meme
The upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War inspires viral memes after the release of a few images from filming.

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Women In Miami Are Using Actual Vacuums To Get Big Booties (Photos)
a new butt therapy trend in miami allegedly produces a bigger butt using vacuums.

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Here Is Ariana Grande Cringing At The Whole Internet
Ariana Grande was trolled hard after being hit by a wing in a Victoria's Secret show.

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It's All Gravy: Your Thanksgiving On Instagram Vs. In Real Life
funny pictures sw what really happens behind the scenes in the preparation of thanksgiving meals.

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"Passenger Shaming" Photos Put Travelers With The Worst Etiquette On Blast
Funny picture gallery of some of the rudest and most ratchet passengers on various flights around the world.

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No, The Photo Of A Cheerleader Sh*tting In Mid-Air Isnt Real
a funny viral pic of cheerleaders, turns into a ptosp battle on reddit and the rest of social media.

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10 Kissing Styles Women Hate!
this article describes kissing styles that women can't stand, with picture references for detail.

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Even More People Messing Around With Statues
Funny picture gallery of people who make good use of the statues around them.

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24 Bad Parkers Who Got A Swift Visit From Karma
picture gallery of people w park very rudely, and the subsequent karma for their actions.

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Today's Funny Photos From Mandatory
a collection of funny ptos found around the internet on 9/24/14.

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These Awesome Baseball Fails Will Have you Cracking Up. Oh, Athletes.
A collection of funny baseball gifs, guaranteed to give any sports fan a laugh.

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kat: 4sammy
15 Wickedly Hilarious Pranks
picture gallery of some of the funniest pranks ever to be ptographed.

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These Two Dogs Got Married And The Whole Thing Is Straight Out Of Your Pinterest Wedding Board
Cute picture gallery of a dog wedding between two adorable Daschunds.

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