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Cop Breaks Up Bar Fight, Sings Song, Goes Viral (Video)
A singing policeman wows a pub by singing "I Will Survive" after allegedly breaking up a fight.

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Cop Gets Caught Checking Out Miesha Tate's Butt At UFC 196 Weigh-Ins
a police officer is caught slyly checking out the butt of ufc fighter miesha tate during weigh ins for ufc 196.

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Man Gets Out Of A Traffic Ticket By Telling The Police Officer He Was Distracted By A "Fat A**"
a guy talks his way out of a traffic ticket by telling the police officer he was distracted by a big butt.

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t-pain the auto-tune cop

If T Pain Was A Cop
t-pain the auto-tune cop

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a little girl makes a run for it from 5.0 in this hilarious clip!

When you a kid but seen the movie Straight Outta Compton
a little girl makes a run for it from 5.0 in this hilarious clip!

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Huge Woman Manhandles Cop After He Tries To Arrest Her
a woman slams a cop srtly when the officer attempts to arrest her in a department store.

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Police Officer Comes To The Rescue For Skunk Stuck In Yogurt Container (Video)
A heroic cop saves a small skunk who had it's head stuck inside of a container of yogurt.

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Cop Stops Kids For No Reason Except For Them To Teach Him How To Do The Nae Nae
Footage of a Texas cop dancing with a kids in a neighborhood he is patrolling on the 4th of July goes viral.

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Texas Cop Gets Stuck In Window Of Own Car, People Laugh (Video)
A police officer gets stuck in his window when trying to exit his patrol car through his window.

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hey what are you doing?

Whippin' in all the wrong places
hey what are you doing?

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Uniformed Cop Gets Crossed Up In Pick-Up Game
A West Philly police officer gets the worst of a sick basketball move in a pick-up game.

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Cookie: Christians my hash brown and alex is my right chicken leg
Everybody Say Sausage! Teens Get A Cop Involved In The #Sausage Movement (Video)
a new viral trend called the sausage movement is getting everybody involved, including police officers.

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Watch handcuffed man flee Austin police during SXSW
a handcuffed man makes a dash from police when arrested at sxsw for a fight.

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A Crazy Man Serenading Police In The Middle Of A Street Almost Gets Arrested(Video)
a man attempts to serenade a police vehicle and ends up getting chased by them instead.

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Thug Life - An Inebriated Kid Bad-Mouths Police When They Enter His Home (Video)
video of a drunk kid cursing out police as they try to question him for a crime inside of his own use.

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