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Guy Snapchats Savage Employee Quitting Job By Flashing Her Bare Butt In Public
a woman moons her former employer while quitting her job and telling them that she has a new job.

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North Korea ‘Declares War’ On The USA, People Respond With Meme Warfare
North Korea announces it is going to war with the US, and the internet explodes with funny memes about the situation.

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This Wild Video Shows Two Girls Going Down On A Guy In Broad Daylight
scandalous footage sws two women performing sex act on man on posh tel balcony.

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Savage Orangutan Has Zero Boundaries, Casually Gropes Womans Boobs At Zoo
playful orangutan caught on camera groping tourist's breasts as she posed for pto.

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12 Best Memes of Draymond Green Slapping Someone in a Restaurant
draymond green is roasted by meme makers after being charged with ault in michigan.

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Busch Gardens Evacuated After Orangutan Escapes, Inevitable Animal Uprising Is One Step Closer To Reality
An Orangutan escapes from it's enclosure in the Busch Gardens theme park located in Tampa, Florida.

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump fans what he has to do to lose their votes and even murder isnt enough
A recent segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Show proves how deep the loyalty of Trump supporters is during this surprising election year.

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Here Are All The Best Brexit Memes You Need Today
The funniest memes on social media about the recent "Brexit" vote in Britain.

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Twitter reacts to brutal Amir Khan knockout with hilarious memes
Boxer Amir Khan was left seeing stars last night after being on the end of a huge right hand from opponent Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

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Everyone's Roasting Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Bizarre Apology Video
Twitter roasts the awkward, forced apology by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Australia for smuggling a dog.

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These People Tried To Face Swap While Vaping And The Craziest Thing Happened
this srt clip sws two people face swapping while vaping, and w it produces some very weird results.

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This Guy Took Fake Book Covers On The Subway And Got Hilarious Reactions
watch w people react to comedian scott rogowsky reading some ridiculous books in public.

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This Guy Couldn't Be More Unhappy To Have His Wife Give Him A Lap Dance
watch as a man sits in sadness through what may be the most unappealing lap dance ever.

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Reporter Pays Respect To Phife Dawg In The Greatest Traffic Report To Ever Appear On The News
Traffic reporter drops A Tribe Called Quest rhymes to pay respect for rapper Phife Dawg who recently passed.

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Topless Woman Crashes Live TV Newscast (Video)
a flasher crashes a live st. patrick's day news report in arlington, va.

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