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Chinese Soccer Commentator Falls Asleep and Snores During Game, Gets Fired (Video)
A soccer commentator in China falls asleep during a game broadcast.

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Soccer Player Pulls Off An Insane Levitation Trick After Scoring A Goal (Video)
Soccer player Cesar Martinez makes a soccer ball appear to levitate in celebration of scoring a goal.

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Chinese Soccer Player Accidentally Kicks The Living Crap Out Of Teammate
a chinese soccer player accidentally kicks teammate in the head.

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Here is Drake kicking a soccer ball and breaking a lamp
Drake kicks a soccer ball and breaks a light casing nearby.

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We're not sure how this soccer juggling trick is even possible
Soccer player Indi Cowie lands an amazing trick dubbed a "three revolution" in this viral video.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Dressed Up As A Homeless Man, Played Soccer In Madrid, And Pranked Everyone
World famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo dresses up as a homeless man in Spain and shows off his ridiculous skills.

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Fan Throws Cheeseburger At Soccer Player, He Eats It (Video)
A crazy fan throws a burger at a soccer player during a match, and the Argentinian footballer handles it in epic fashion.

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Watch Drake score a penalty kick on Chelsea legend Didier Drogba
Drake scores a practice goal on a world famous soccer player.

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Laura Bassett Scores Last-Second Own Goal That Knocks England out of World Cup
A woman's soccer player accidentally scores in the wrong goal, causing her team to lose a chance to play in the World Cup.

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Cheerleader takes out soccer captain with vicious slide tackle
A cheerleader slides into the captain of the FC BATE soccer club and accidentally takes him down.

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Marc Gasol shows off soccer skills, tries to head the ball in the basket
Memphis Grizzlies' player Marc Gasol almost succeeds using an awesome soccer move in a recent basketball game.

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Thierry Henry Funny Dance after being tackled.

Thierry Henry Funny Dance after being tackled - HD
Thierry Henry Funny Dance after being tackled.

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Funny soccer bloopers in 2013.

Funny soccer fails [2013 version]
Funny soccer bloopers in 2013.

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Here is the ultimate football/soccer fails compilation of 2014.

Ultimate Soccer Fails Compilation 2014 || FailsnPranks
Here is the ultimate football/soccer fails compilation of 2014.

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Funniest soccer video clips of athletes  making mistakes.

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TOP 10 Soccer GoalKepper Fail (FUNNY) HD
Funniest soccer video clips of athletes making mistakes.

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