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Blake Griffin Throws Shoe And Hits Cory Joseph In The Face
Blake Griffin aimlessly throws a shoe during the Raptors vs. Clippers preseason game and nails Cory Joseph in the face!

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Let's Laugh At These Jackass Soccer Medics Who Dropped A Player Because They Didn't Know How To Use A Stretcher
Two medics drop an injured soccer player while trying to remove him from the field.

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Aqib Talib BUSTED HIS A** Jumping On Stage For Post-Game Interviews
broncos db aqib talib falls while trying to p on stage for a post super bowl 50 interview.

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MMA fighters go flying through cage door during bout
Two amateur MMA fighters fly through a faulty cage door during a bout.

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Panthers Fan Gets Too Pumped, Flies out of Stands After Luke Kuechly's Pick-6
A Panthers fan falls out of stands while celebrating a touchdown.

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Savage Dude Destroys An Entire Bowling Alley With A Single Bowling Ball
A man throws a bowling ball through a ceiling in this hilarious viral video.

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High School Referee Trucks Receiver Forcing Him To Fumble The Ball!
A referee in a high school football game runs over a player, forcing a fumble.

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Northwestern coach's F-bomb rant at player caught by ref's mic
a coaches expletive rant towards his defensive safety is picked up by a nearby referee's micropne.

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Colin Kaepernick's terrible throw hit a guy in the face on the sideline
San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick hits someone standing on the sidelines with an errant pass.

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Bonehead Medics Drop Injured Greek Soccer Player Off Stretcher When Carrying Him Off The Field, Twice
Greek stretcher bearer drops injured player and then falls on top of him.

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The Colts Made The Dumbest Play In NFL History On Sunday Night Football (Video)
The Indianapolis Colts dial up a terrible play with the game on the line possibly costing them to lose the New England Patriots.

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Watch: ABC cuts to unsuspecting ESPN anchors during interview
ABC accidentally cuts to it's anchors while Clemson's football coach gives a very emotional interview.

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Sad Yankees Fan Gets Three Chances To Catch A Foul Ball And Misses Every Single One
A baseball fan with great seats has three opportunities to catch a foul ball, and is embarrassed when he can't make it happen.

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West Virginia WR crashes into cheerleader after catch
A wide receiver for West Virginia isn't able to slow down in time to avoid hitting a cheerleader after scoring a TD.

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Ref falls over in endzone, accidentally tackles Kenny Britt
A NFL referee accidentally tackles a player after tripping. The referee also accidentally flags himself as well.

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