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Watches the olympics once
Watches the olympics once

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Daredevil Eludes Security To Free-Climb The Eiffel Tower And Its An Insane Video
a daredevil free-climber scales the eiffel tower successfully before getting arrested.

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Man Manages To Safely Jump Out Of A Burning Car And Its Incredible (Video)
A daredevil jumps out of a burning car in an epic stunt.

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Men Set Parachutes On Fire For The Most Insane Skydiving Stunt Ever (Video)
Skydivers set their parachutes on fire in this amazing stunt.

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Risking it all: Man ice skates while holding on to a truck going 50mph
A guy drags his feet on an icy road for a considerable distance while hanging off of the door of a moving truck.

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Bear Grylls just smashed through a Morning Show window live on TV
World renowned television personality Bear Grylls, makes a dramatic entrance on a live morning show.

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Is this the craziest stunt ever? Daring Russian sets himself ON FIRE then jumps off five-storey building
This video captures the mad moment stuntman Alexander Chernikov set himself alight then jumped off the roof into a pile of snow.

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The Hottest New Trend Is Apparently Extreme Hammock-Spinning
A few daring men turn a hammock into a micro roller coaster ride.

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Will Ferrell smashes Cheerleader in Face with Basketball at Pelicans Game
Will Ferrell films a funny stunt for a new movie at an actual NBA game in New Orleans.

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Watch A Shaolin Monk Speed Run 400 Feet…OVER WATER
A monk is able to run atop of a bed of water for almost 400 feet.

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Someone Made A Car With Two Fronts And It Can Only Spin In Circles
Video shows a VW Passat with two front ends that seems to only be capable of spinning in circles.

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Kid Lights A Firework Under A Frozen Lake And The Result Is Amazing (Video)
This video shows a young teen lighting a firework and pushing it under an ice covered body of water.

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WATCH: You might as well jump! Jump! This guy's claim to fame is "window jumping"
A gymnasts' montage of crazy 'window jumping' and other stunts he has attempted.

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'Ghost Ride To Slide' Watch A Fearless Man Pull An Outrageous Stunt With A Moving Truck!
A short clip shows a man hopping out of his truck to ride a slide attached to the truck's bed, while the truck is still moving.

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This 'God Of Thot's' Takes A Dive Into A Frozen Pool, And The Results Are Hilarious (Video)
a man w calls himself the 'tt god' jumps into a pool with inches of frozen ice, and the consequences are hilarious.

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