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Poor Kid Sitting Courtside At The Baylor Game Takes A Direct Shot TO THE NUTS On Live TV
a kid takes an unexpected st to his genitals while on live tv.

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Brave, trusting soul holds ball for high school kicker ... with his nose
A high school quarterback holds the ball for his kicker with his nose during preseason practice.

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Jackass Pranks Car By Jumping Into Street Dressed As A Ghost, Driver Panics And Runs Right Over Him
a prankster is hit by a car at night time while trying to prank a driver.

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Douchebag Nearly Kills People, Destroys His $845,000 Porsche Spyder And Is All Smiles About It
a man w appears drunk wrecks his porsche worth near $850-k, in a parking lot.

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Fan Ran On The Field, Took An Epic Selfie Video And Still Escaped Police
A baseball fan runs across the field during an MLB game, and escapes without being caught.

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This Cops Are Coming!!! Hood Vs. Suburbs Prank Is So Wrong
a group of pranksters run through neighborods screaming that the police are coming, while pretending to throw away drugs.

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Idiot Tries To Be A Fruit Ninja With A Sword And Just Fails Miserably (Video)
a man tries to slice a watermelon in half with a sword and shatters the gl table it is placed on.

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Watch a man's insane attempt to jump over NYC subway tracks
a man's attempt at a long jump across subway platforms ends in his face meeting concrete.

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Knocks Himself Completely Unconscious, Damn
A costumed Spider-Man at a birthday party accidentally knocks himself out after a failed flip attempt.

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Wife Shames Drunk Husband For Ending Up On High Ledge In Their House (Video)
A wife shames her husband's drunk antics by recording a video of him attempting a silly stunt and sending it to his Mom.

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Donkeys Of The Day: Watch These Ridiculous Teens Get Arrested For Jumping On People's Cars (Video)
a group of teens is chased down by police after doing the "put em in a coffin" prank on random cars.

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When Trying To Flex Goes Wrong - Young Guy Accidentally Tasers Himself(Video)
a teenager records a srt video of himself accidentally being taken out by a taser that he is attempting to sw off.

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Moron Sticks His Tongue In A Venus Flytrap And It Does Not End Well (Video)
a srt video sws a man sticking his tongue in a venus flytrap plant along with the rrific results of doing so.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Actually Interviewed A White Llama On Television (Video)
A CNN anchor interviews a celebrity llama after a llama chase in Arizona goes viral on the internet.

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It's So Cold That Boiled Water Is Freezing Mid-Air
a new social trend that swcases people throwing boiling t water in freezing temperatures, goes viral.

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