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Fan tries to sneak a secret picture with Shaq and he catches him red handed
Shaq catches a fan trying to record him sneakily in this funny clip.

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A Nascar reporter accidentally smacks John Cena in the face with her ponytail while ignoring his existence.
John Cena Gets Slapped in the Face by Reporter's Ponytail at Daytona 500

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Philly TV Reporters Are Getting Pelted With Snowballs While Reporting On Blizzard
TV reporters in Philly get hit with snowballs while attempting to live report a major snowstorm.

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Bob Newhart performs his 'Twelve Days of Christmas' monologue on the Judy Garland show.

Bob Newhart: The Twelve Days Of Christmas Skit
Bob Newhart performs his 'Twelve Days of Christmas' monologue on the Judy Garland show.

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This Mans Driving Videos Make Him The Coolest Embarrassing Dad On The Internet
a funny dad makes hilarious videos of himself raging to rap songs, taken from inside of his car.

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LeBron James doesn't care about the Raptors' Drake Night
Lebron and the Cavs stand in the middle of the court before tip-off against the Raptors while the dance team was still dancing.

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Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg Drills Ref in Head with Pass vs. Northwestern
A college football referee is drilled in the head by QB Christian Hackenberg in a failed pass attempt.

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Watch 'Shoplifting suspect' slam into revolving glass door trying to escape
A young woman suspected of shoplifting in South Africa has been filmed running into a set of revolving doors, shattering the glass

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ESPN Showed Two Royals Fans Smoking Weed On Live SportsCenter
Two men are captured on ESPN cameras smoking what looks to be a joint.

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Thief tries to steal someone's golf clubs, falls flat on his face
A thief caught on camera takes a fall while trying to get away with a set of stolen golf clubs.

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The Colts Made The Dumbest Play In NFL History On Sunday Night Football (Video)
The Indianapolis Colts dial up a terrible play with the game on the line possibly costing them to lose the New England Patriots.

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Buffalo Bills fan RKOs his friend through a table at tailgate party
A Bills fan is subjected to the 'RKO Outta Nowhere' move while tailgating.

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This Woman Who Saved Her Pizzas From Rapid Flooding Is All Of Us (Video)
A SC citizen gives a funny tale of how she saved her frozen pizzas during a flood emergency.

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'Kenan and Kel' Reunite on 'The Tonight Show' for Epic 'Good Burger' Sketch
Stars from the 90's kids comedy 'Good Burger' reunite on 'The Tonight Show.'

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Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Empire With ‘Jimpire’
the late-night talk sw sts impersonation of lucious lyon was spot-on.

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