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Drunk Boyfriend Falls Asleep Early During Visit To Bangkok, Girlfriend Pranks Him Putting Ladyboy In Bed And Filming It
girl enlists the help of a bangkok "ladyboy" to prank her sleeping boyfriend.

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This Bro’s Dog Freaks Out Every Time He Flips It Off Though It’s Unclear What The Dog Did Wrong In The First Place
a tiny dog attacks its owner every time he is given the middle finger.

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Rihanna Wasn't Ready For Her Own Fan To Slay Like This
Rihanna is blown away with a concertgoer with an impressive voice during her ANTI tour.

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mexican hero crashes anti-immigration protest. the white supremacists aren't too happy either.

Mexican Man joins Anti-Immigration protests. Hilarity and rage ensues
mexican hero crashes anti-immigration protest. the white supremacists aren't too happy either.

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This Man Gets Chased by a Lion After Losing a Bet LMAO! (VIDEO)
Man runs in extreme panic when he is chased by a caged lion after losing a bet.

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Social Media Is Fascinated With 'Jeopardy' Champ's Valley Girl Uptalk (Video)
A woman from Atlanta causes a stir on social media with her interesting pronunciations on Jeopardy.

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People Are Having Condoms Explode On Their Heads In This New Challenge
young people across america take part in the ridiculous new #condomchallenge on social media.

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When Netflix and chill goes wrong...

When she comes over to chill but your netflix expired
When Netflix and chill goes wrong...

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i got a question for you...what are tse?!

WHAT ARE THOSE Vine Compilation 2015
i got a question for you...what are tse?!

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Pirates' Jung Ho Kang brightens rain delay with 'Gangnam Style' dance
An MLB player entertains his team during a rain delay with his version of the "Gangnam Style" dance.

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Dude gets head stuck in a trash can and his friends can't stop laughing
a golfer has his head stuck in a trash can and his friends poke fun at him.

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Caught on dashcam: Learner driver parks up for first ever lesson... and cyclist crashes straight into his car
A distracted cyclist crashes into a parked car while fidgeting with his bike equipment.

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Big azz feet: Gotta stand 4 sumthin or u'll fall 4 anythang
Shaq Fell Down During TNT's Halftime Report And The Internet Won
Shaq takes a tumble during an NBA halftime report, and the internet makes fun.

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Watch former Nuggets coach Brian Shaw try to rap through a scouting report
Video of former Denver Nuggets basketball coach Brian Shaw, attempting to rap a scouting report for his players' attention.

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Video Surfaces of Dennis Quaid's On-Set Outburst
actor dennis quaid is recorded having a meltdown while on the set of a project.

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