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A Bunch Of Dildos Cause Absolute Chaos After Getting Loose In A Busy Street
a spilled box of s causes traffic to stop on a busy russian street.

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Bow Wow Has Grammys 2016 Fail Trying to Start Show (Video)
Bow Wow tries to start the 2016 Grammy Awards early, a few times.

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It sounds like someone in the Magic locker room is watching porn
sounds from a porn movie can be heard while nba player victor oladipo receives a locker room interview.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People Their Reaction To ‘MLK Endorsing Trump’ And Proves, Once Again, That Most People Are Stupid
Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' asks people on the street about MLK's recent 'endorsement' of Donald Trump.

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Guy Has A Hard Time Trying To Put His Trash Away Because Icy Conditions Got In The Way
This guy did everything he could to throw out his trash when a bit of ice got in the way.

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Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Conan take over student driver's car, do all of the illegal things
ice cube, kevin hart, and conan help a student driver learn w not to drive.

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Chimp versus chump as motorcyclist gets into fist fight with monkey
a motorcycle fights a monkey in thailand for peeing on and biting the bike's seat.

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Watch An Elmo Toy Get "Tickled" By A Jet Engine
a youtuber blasts an elmo toy with a jet engine.

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Mike Budenholzer draws up late-game play, none of the Hawks bother to listen
An NBA coach is totally ignored by his team while trying to call a last minute play near the end of a game.

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Funny parody of the upcoming Nicki Minaj sitcom by the Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres Nicki Minaj Butt Parody
Funny parody of the upcoming Nicki Minaj sitcom by the Ellen Show.

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This Rejection Experiment Proves Girls Are So Much More Brutal Than Guys
A new social experiment from 'Whatever' allegedly proves that guys are more graceful when rejecting women than girls are with guys

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Groom Tricks His Bride At Wedding When The Waiters Destroy The Cake (Video)
Arguing waiters drop wedding cake in front of horrified bride.

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Florida player tackles Florida player to preserve victory over East Carolina
A member of the Florida Gators' football team tackles a teammate to help seal the victory after a fumble recovery.

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Florida Man Accidentally Films Himself In Car Crash While Using GoPro (Video)
A man filming himself with a selfie stick hanging from his window crashes into the car in front of him.

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When you're at work or school and you're ready to go home...

At work/school like...
When you're at work or school and you're ready to go home...

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