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Jealous Girlfriend Plows Over Stripper Then Drags Boyfriend Away From Sexy Lap Dance
a girlfriend throws down a stripper and pulls her boyfriend off of a strip club stage before he gets a lap dance.

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James Harden Drops 42, Confronts Heckler Accusing Him Of Flopping In Drew League Playoffs
James Harden hung 42 points at the Drew League and talked smack with fans.

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JR26668: Let coment if it good
This Has To Be Most Brutal Killer Bunny Scare Prank
pranksters scare strangers with a ridiculously creepy costumed bunny prank just.

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Katt Williams -- Here's Why I Fought That 17-Year-Old (VIDEO)
katt williams tries to explain his recent fight with a teenager that cked him out.

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Fat Guy Fails At Getting Out Of The Driver's Seat Of An Exotic Sports Car
The funny moment when an overweight gentleman gets stuck while trying to get out of a BMW i8.

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This Teen Just Released A Rap Music Video, And Its So F*cking Ratchet
amanda hackey's odd rap video 'i can't dance' goes viral across the internet.

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This Guy Going BALLISTIC On A Starbucks Employee For Their Non-Xmas Cups Is The Funniest Thing Youll See Today
a customer at starbucks goes berserk when he notices that 'merry christmas' isn't printed on his cup.

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Bernie Sanders Plus Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Can Mean Only One Thing
Ellen Degeneres debuts a spoofed campaign ad of Bernie Sanders, featuring the presidential candidate dancing to 'Hotline Bling.'

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VIDEO: Woman tries to back flip into a bunker, faceplants instead
Golfer woman fails miserably when attempting to back-flip into bunker.

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Kanye Performed The Original Gold Digger A Year Before It Came Out (Video)
a look at renowned entertainers kanye west and john legend performing the song "gold digger" before the fame.

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Cockatoo Imitating Arguing Couple Will Make You Never Want Marriage (Video)
A cockatoo hilariously reenacts the arguments between amarried couple.

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What Is REALLY Going On When You Meet Your Girlfriend's Parents For The First Time?
A glimpse into the mind of your partner's parents when they meet you for the first time

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funny sesame street censored video featuring elmo!

When I babysit a bad ass kid
funny sesame street censored video featuring elmo!

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Lol: This Little Girl Won't Back Down From An Argument!
Funny video of a baby attempting to give her best defense against going to the toilet.

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All Hell Breaks Loose As Birthday Punches Escalate Into A Full-Blown WWE Brawl (Video)
this video sws what happens when birthday punches escalate into much more.

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