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Watch A Catholic Priest Hoverboard Through A Church Service And Prove Nothing Is Sacred
A Catholic priest is under fire for riding a hoverboard during a recent Christmas mass service.

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LOOK: Falcons owner steals dab from Cam Newton after upset win
The owner of the Atlanta Falcons showcases his 'Dab' after his team beats the undefeated Carolina Panthers.

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Donald Trump Almost Getting Attacked By An Eagle Is Pretty F*cking Funny (Video)
Hilarious footage of a bald eagle not warming up too kindly to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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This High School Football Ref With BLAZING Speed Could Probably Make The Cowboys' Roster
a very fast high scol football referee outruns speedy players.

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Lions WR Golden Tate Literally Walks into End Zone for Touchdown vs. Eagles
golden tate of the detroit lions walks into the end zone for a very easy touchdown against the philadelphia eagles

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Kevin Hart Almost 'Busts His A*s' While Running In The Icy Streets Of Canada
kevin hart nearly takes a spill while slipping his way through a jog in the saskatoon ice and snow.

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You Need To Hear This Spanish Radio Call Of Cam Newtons Touchdown Pass (Video)
A funny Carolina Panther's radio call of Greg Olsen's touchdown is guaranteed to amp up anyone.

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Guy who got stuck in a car wash is having a worse day than you
The hilarious moment when a Car Wash manager gets stuck in a spinning automatic car wash.

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Donald Trump Danced And Sang Hotline Bling On SNL And The Internet Imploded
Donald Trump Dances to Drake's Hotline Bling on SNL.

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Bernie Sanders Plus Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Can Mean Only One Thing
Ellen Degeneres debuts a spoofed campaign ad of Bernie Sanders, featuring the presidential candidate dancing to 'Hotline Bling.'

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This Calculus Teacher Dressed Up Like Drake And Danced To "Hotline Bling" For His Class
A math teacher dresses up as Drake for Halloween and dances to the hit 'Hotline Bling' in front of the class.

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Kansas City Royals Santa Drops F-Bomb On Live TV–Obviously Too Drunk To Drive Sleigh Home
a drunk costumed santa accidentally says the f-word while being interviewed on live television.

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So Much Swag. Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Busts Out Epic Dance After Kicking Game-Winning FG
Justin Tucker does his best Drake impression after kicking a game winning field goal.

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Colin Kaepernick's terrible throw hit a guy in the face on the sideline
San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick hits someone standing on the sidelines with an errant pass.

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About 5,800 results WATCHED3:53 Drake - Hotline Bling Funny Dance Vines Compilation | Drake Dancing To Music | Hotline Bling Parody by ObeseFailTV 1 day ago1...

Drake Hotline Bling Funny vine compilation | Funny best Drake Vines | Drake Dancing To Music
About 5,800 results WATCHED3:53 Drake - Hotline Bling Funny Dance Vines Compilation | Drake Dancing To Music | Hotline Bling Parody by ObeseFailTV 1 day ago1...

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