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this is eerily accurate.

If Barack Obama Were Donald Trump (with Reggie Brown)
this is eerily accurate.

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Hillary Clintons Between Two Ferns appearance is internet gold
hillary clinton goes between two ferns with zach galifianakis, immediately regrets it

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This Teen Applied A Facemask For The First Time And Instantly Regretted It
young woman experiments with a facemask and ends up in excruciatingly hilarious pain!

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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Landing Funny Announcements With Looney Tunes
Zach Haumesser impersonated nearly a dozen characters from the classic Warner Bros. cartoon series Looney Tunes

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Drunk Boyfriend Falls Asleep Early During Visit To Bangkok, Girlfriend Pranks Him Putting Ladyboy In Bed And Filming It
girl enlists the help of a bangkok "ladyboy" to prank her sleeping boyfriend.

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A Japanese Wrestler Won Gold And Thanked Her Coach In The Most Epic Way
A Japanese wrestler thanks her coach by slamming him twice as he rushes to congratulate her.

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Savage Orangutan Has Zero Boundaries, Casually Gropes Womans Boobs At Zoo
playful orangutan caught on camera groping tourist's breasts as she posed for pto.

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Distracted Blonde News Anchor Walks Right Through Live Weather Report Because She’s Playing ‘Pokemon GO’
A news anchor playing Pokemon Go accidentally interrupts a live weather report.

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Justin Bieber falling off the stage is the funniest thing you'll see all day
Justin Bieber was having a Bad Day as he fell off the stage in Saskatoon - and we can't stop watching it.

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Richard Sherman Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver In Seattle, Woman Asks Him If He's A Bandwagon Seahawks Fan
Richard Sherman goes undercover as a Lyft driver in Seattle.

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This Guy's Hilarious Song About Steak And Eggs Sounds Like A Disney Classic
A guy creates a very hilarious Disney parody on Snapchat about cooking steak and eggs.

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The Banana Peel Challenge Is the Latest Internet Trend and Someone Is Definitely Going to End Up in the Hospital
Teenagers are slipping all over the internet because of the 'Banana Peel Challenge'

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This Guy Couldn't Be More Unhappy To Have His Wife Give Him A Lap Dance
watch as a man sits in sadness through what may be the most unappealing lap dance ever.

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'I'm fine to drive... let's go get some tacos!' Hilarious video shows 'Drunk' dad using bizarre face-swapping app with his baby daughter
a dad face-swaps with his small child, and does a hilarious 'drunk baby' bit that goes viral.

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convicted felon sings his own version of adele's "o" in court appearance.

When u on ur 3rd stritke but the judge is an Adele fan
convicted felon sings his own version of adele's "o" in court appearance.

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