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Dannie bo: When u see dat ass
Draymond Green Short-Circuited Then Turned Off During Press Conference
The Warriors' Draymond Green's face mysteriously stops moving while in a press conference.

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Bill Maher Smokes Marijuana On Live TV (Video)
bill maher lights up while on air to make his case for pot legalization.

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Gelu leustean 23: marar
Michael Phelps Came Out In A Speedo To Help Distract Oregon State Free Throw Shooters
Michael Phelps is featured in Arizona State's infamous 'Curtain of Distraction.'

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Hapless farmer attempts to kill his pig with an axe but ends up knocking HIMSELF to the floor with the weapon
farmer nearly knocks himself out trying to kill pig with an axe.

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The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Are F*cking Hysterical (Video)
A compilation of the funniest news bloopers to hit the airwaves in 2015.

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Most Epic Happy Ending Massage Prank
a youtuber pranks his friend into getting maged by a huge man w hilariously abuses his body.

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Pizza Rat prank unleashes hungry new rodent in New York
New Yorkers are frightened in the streets of New York in this epic Pizza Rat Prank.

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This Dropping Sex Toys On The Sidewalk Prank Is So Simple Yet So Damn Hilarious
strangers react to a prankster spilling out a suitcase full of sex toys.

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WATCH: Lakers' Kobe Bryant roasted in NBA Jam parody
Kobe Bryant's bad shooting is parodied in this humorous NBA Jam simulation.

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Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of Unsuspecting People With A Giant Fake Spider (Video)
A prankster scares random strangers with a fake giant spider.

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WATCH: Announcers hilariously dissect sorority 'Selfie time' at MLB game
Commentators poke fun at sorority girls taking selfies at a recently televised baseball game.

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Hot Girls Pranks People By Pretending To Scratch Her Vagina Then Asking For A Handshake
a prankster pretends to itch her ina before shaking hands with random persby.

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WATCH: Hornets' Jeremy Lin wears fake beard, pranks people at gym
NBA guard Jeremy Lin pranks unsuspecting strangers in the gym in a new promotion for Adidas.

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Crazy Social Experiment Reveals How Fast Strangers Will Help A Lying BF
random strangers help a lying boyfriend with his alibi about the night before in this hilarious prank.

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12-Year-Old Boy Trips And Accidentally Destroys A $1.6 Million Painting
boy trips in museum and punches le through million dollar painting.

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