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Raccoon Jonesin' For A Sugar Fix Busts Into Donut Shop Through Roof, Steals Himself A Donut
a rac is caught on camera stealing a donut from a bakery by sneaking in through the sp's roof.

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A Cat Stowed Away On A Glider And Suddenly Realised It Had Made A Big Mistake
A cat hitches a ride on an airplane and reacts in utter terror upon realizing its big mistake.

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The World's Ugliest Dog Contest (Video)
Dog owners take their ugly pooches to California for "The World's Ugliest Dog Contest."

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Woman Finds Pissed-Off Possum Who Turns Out To Be Hiding An Adorable Secret
A woman discovers a possum with a litter of babies hiding in her closet.

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Monkey Drop-Kicks Young Man Who Flipped Him Off (Video)
an indian cctv camera catches a monkey viiolently kicking a man after being given the middle finger.

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When you see a hedgehog for the first time in real life

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Instant Karma: Guy Gets Exactly What He Deserves After Kicking Cat (Video)
A jerk kicks his cat off of a lounge chair, and receives a quick dose of karma shortly thereafter.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Actually Interviewed A White Llama On Television (Video)
A CNN anchor interviews a celebrity llama after a llama chase in Arizona goes viral on the internet.

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This Crazy Dude Laughs While Being Bitten By A Giant White Python (Video)
A white python viciously bites a man while trying to film a segment sitting inside of a wild snake enclosure.

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4-Year-Old Girl Controls 6 Pit Bulls Like A Boss During Feeding Time (Video)
A very young girl shows how she controls and feeds her pit-bulls during feeding time.

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This Burglar Needs A New Gig If This Tiny Dog Scares The S*** Out Of Him
A robber is scared away from a house by a tiny dog.

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(VIDEO) Goat Faints And Falls At The Smell Of Grass
Funny video showing how a goat faints every time that it comes into contact with grass.

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Two Men Fighting With Pigeons As Weapons Is More Intense Than The Matrix
These two Russian men decided to have a quick epic Matrix-style pigeon fight in a park.

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Stuffed Dog Attacks Real Dog Prank
Adorable prank on dogs using a plush toy dog.

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Crazy cat videos

Funny crazy cats
Crazy cat videos

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