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OMG, Blac Chyna Just Did The Mannequin Challenge In The Delivery Room
Blac Chyna gave birth to her daughter with Rob Kardashian while doing the Mannequin Challenge

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SNL Actors Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Bernie Sanders Supporters At The DNC Just Made America Great Again
Colin Jost and Michael Che of SNL chat with Bernie Sanders supporters at the DNC.

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Dude Creates YouTube Tutorial Using His Cheating Wife [VIDEO]
a guy gives a video tutorial on youtube using his wife cheating on him as the subject material.

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'Cyborg' Justino trolls Ronda Rousey by doing the Running Man Challenge in a Ronda Rousey mask
MMA fighter Cris Justine pulls the ultimate troll move by doing the 'Running Man Challenge' in a Ronda Rousey mask.

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This Crazy Electric Bait Bike Prank Will Spark Fear In Thieves' Hearts
pranksters bait thieves in to steal a bike that they have rigged with an electric-sck mechanism.

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A young Bob Newhart in a hilarious skit on the discovery of tobacco in the American colonies by Sir Walter Raleigh)

Bob Newhart - Tobacco video (Sir Walter Raleigh phone conversation)
A young Bob Newhart in a hilarious skit on the discovery of tobacco in the American colonies by Sir Walter Raleigh)

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I Cant Stop Laughing At How This Drug Dealer Got Rid Of His Stash When He Got Pulled Over By The Police
funny viral footage sws an innovative way to dispose of drugs while stopped by police.

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If only we could all be this happy! Joyous moment orangutan rolls around in hysterics after watching a disappearing trick
an orangutan laughs hysterically when a magician does a simple magic trick using an unripened chestnut.

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This Mans Driving Videos Make Him The Coolest Embarrassing Dad On The Internet
a funny dad makes hilarious videos of himself raging to rap songs, taken from inside of his car.

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This Woman Had The Absolute Worst Guesses In Wheel Of Fortune History (Video)
A woman performs terribly on 'Wheel Of Fortune' by guessing some very unusual letters.

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Saints Mark Ingram Busts Out Drake's Hotline Bling Dance After TD
Mark Ingram does the Drake 'Hotline Bling' dance after scoring a touchdown.

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People Totally Lose It During Open House At Paranormal Activity Home (Video)
people freak out when an open use visit gets a bit 'paranormal' in this prank video promo for the new 'paranormal activity.'

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Man Confronts Fiancee For Cheating In Front Of Her Parents (Video)
a man confronts his cheating girlfriend in front of her parents with the evidence of her cheating ways.

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Ecstatic Hispanic Donald Trump Supporter Takes The Stage To Proclaim Her Love To Him [VIDEO]
Donald Trump brings a very excited hispanic superfan on stage and swears he's never met her.

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Woman In Labor Absolutely Crushes The Whip/Nae Nae Dance (Video)
A mother attempts to dance her baby out between contractions with the 'Whip/Nae Nae' dance.

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