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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy Theory
People haven't been in this big of a debate since the dress debacle of 2015. Is this or is this NOT Melania Trump?

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These Trump Chicken Memes and Tweets Are Funny Enough To Make The President Squawk
Trump-like chicken at White House ruffles feathers on Twitter

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Someone Live-Streamed This Naked Man Going On A Bizarre Rant About Trump
a creepy naked guy rants about tp in an odd daytime display in nyc.

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This Video Of A Woman 'Disappearing' On Live TV Has Gone Viral, See If You Can Figure Out The 'Magic'
Footage of a woman "vanishing" during a live TV broadcast freaks out the internet.

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Little Girls Performing A Song And Dance Routine In Support Of Donald Trump Will Frighten, Confuse And Terrify You
A recent Donald Trump rally features a creepy warm up act by a trio of little girls.

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TV Reporter Spotted Bank Robbery Suspect While Filming A Live Segment (Video)
A suspected bank robber appears when a news reporter is shooting a live shot for KIMT News 3 in Minnesota.

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News Station Exaggerates This On-Camera Incident And Totally Fails (Video)
a local news station fails miserably at trying to stage an on-camera incident to help corroborate a news story.

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These Models 69-ing Down A Runway At Fashion Week Will Make You Feel Some Sort Of Way
models wear 'human backpacks' on the runway during paris fashion week.

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After Getting a DWI, College Girl Came Up With an Idea to Get Around That Has Turned Her Into Viral Star
A college student is forced to get around on a barbie car after her car is taken away.

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Woman walks completely NAKED into a convenience store... but the other busy shoppers barely notice
a woman walked into a wawa convenience store in delran, new jersey.

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Woman pulls off confusing videobomb during Tiger Woods interview
A woman videobombs a Tiger Wood's interview, leaving the internet to wonder what exactly it is that she was doing.

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Heroic Guy Dressed As Batman Breaks Up Bloody Fight In New York City (Video)
a person dressed in a batman costume helps to break up a fight in the streets of nyc.

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breaking news

autrities are looking for abdi salxany w has stabbed a young woman for staring at his hairline.
breaking news

autrities are looking for abdi salxany w has stabbed a young woman for staring at his hairline.

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Model Gets Her Anus Cast Then Makes A Statue In Bronze With It (NSFW)
an 'alternative model' gets a cast of her in bronze. because, why not?

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Pizza delivery man caught on video peeing in Queens apartment elevator
A pizza delivery guy is captured on camera taking a pee on a residential elevator.

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