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The best presidential debate memes, because we all need to laugh after that shitshow
social media reacts to the first presidential debate with hilarious memes!

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Facebook Is Freaking Out About This Supposedly Impossible Math Question
Facebook users in China freak out over a very tricky math question.

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Let's Laugh At These Jackass Soccer Medics Who Dropped A Player Because They Didn't Know How To Use A Stretcher
Two medics drop an injured soccer player while trying to remove him from the field.

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Chinese Player Lands A Brutal Cheap Shot On Ex-NBA Forward Jason Maxiell And Then Runs For His Damn Life
A Chinese basketball player literally runs away from American basketball player Jason Maxiell, after landing a cheap shot.

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There’s A Huge Meme In Japan Where You Squish Your Baby’s Face Called “Rice Ball Babies”
Take a look at the viral meme "Rice Ball Babies." An adorable trend originating from Japan.

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Thief Steals Purse From Girl, Girl Revenge-Steals Something WAY More Valuable From Him Than A Purse (VIDEO)
woman in china gets her bag stolen leading the woman to immediately steal something from the thief.

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Best Airport Ever Shows Hardcore Porn At The Baggage Claim (VIDEO)
a lisbon airport plays porn on a television near a baggage claim station.

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12-Year-Old Boy Trips And Accidentally Destroys A $1.6 Million Painting
boy trips in museum and punches le through million dollar painting.

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Wife Gets Revenge By Racking Up $80,000 In Fines On Her Husband's Truck While He Marries Another Woman (Video)
A jealous ex-wife purposely drives through red lights in her ex-husband's truck in order to rack up almost $100k in fines.

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Watch Furious Wife Smash 'Cheating' Husband's Car With Her Bare Hands After Discovering 'Affair'
a wife demolishes her husband's car with him sitting inside after discovering he is cheating on her.

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An Insurance Scammer Literally Runs Into Cars To Get Paid (Dash Cam Video)
A dash camera records a man attempting to exploit the insurance of drivers that he purposely runs into.

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Woman found hidden in airport suitcase was 'Trying to smuggle over Turkish border'
Police became suspicious after spotting a man attempting to cross between the two countries with a large luggage carrier.

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Relatives climb wall to help children cheat during exams in India
The families of kids in a school in India, scale a school wall to help their kids cheat during a major exam.

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'Intoxicated' Sri Lankan Man Lucky To Be Alive After Attempting To Fight Elephant
a drunken man in sri lanka is nearly killed when he tries to fight a wild elephant.

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Hoax? Naked Man Filmed Escaping Buckingham Palace Window [VIDEO]
a video appears to sw a naked man climbing out of the heavily guarded buckingham palace.

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