Girls Fighting

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Bullies Film Horrific Viral Video Of Their Attack On 15-Year-Old Girl
5 teenagers have been charged after a video of a vicious attack went viral

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Crazy Catfight Erupts When Grocery Store Manager Is Caught Cheating At His Place Of Employment By Girlfriend
a manager at publix gets caught cheating at work, causing his two lovers to fight over him.

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Subway Employee Strikes Manager With A Metal Pan During Crazy Workplace Fight (Video)
an argument between a subway employee and her manager turns into a violent brawl.

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what did i just watch?!?!

Well thats enough internet for today!
what did i just watch?!?!

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Huge Brawl at Tallahassee Apartment Complex Caught on Tape
a large brawl breaks out between a group of women at an apartment complex in tallahee.

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