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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump
Masked stuntman 8booth makes an amazing jump off a 5-story hotel into a small pool.

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Wolf Attack on Swedish Hunting Dog Caught on GoPro
a hunting dog is attacked by wolves in the woods of sweden while moose hunting.

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Into the pit! Rattlesnake snatches a man's GoPro from him with its mouth and pulls it down into a hole swarming with the snakes
gopro footage sws a creepy den of rattlesnakes taking the camera while trying to attack it.

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Hikers Plummet Into Water After A Suspension Bridge They Are Crossing Snaps
Four French hikers narrowly survive a very scary bridge collapse in New Zealand.

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A Kindergartner Wore A GoPro On Her First Day Of School And It'll Make You Wish You Never Grew Up
A touching video shows the first day of school through the eyes of a kindergartner.

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A Teen Girl Who Was Nearly Killed In A Riptide Was Saved By Her Selfie Stick
erynn johns, a teenager from texas is saved from a riptide by her selfie stick and the heroic actions of her father.

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This Couple Gave Birth To A Ten-Pound Baby In The Car And Caught It All On Camera
a woman gives birth to a huge baby boy while riding in the car to a nearby spital.

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Motorcyclist Captures Insane GoPro Footage Of Brutal Head-On Collision With A Fire Truck
a motorcyclist captures the crazy moment in which his bike collided with a fire truck while cruising on the mountainside.

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GoPro Attached To Islamic State Group Fighter's Helmet Captures His Death (Video)
an isil soldier captures his own death while wearing a gopro in battle.

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Remarkable Moment Guys Testing GoPro Cams Bust Down Doors To Save Pets During Apartment Fire
two men testing out their new gopro cameras capture the moment when they attempt to help evacuate a burning apartment building.

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Men Set Parachutes On Fire For The Most Insane Skydiving Stunt Ever (Video)
Skydivers set their parachutes on fire in this amazing stunt.

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Guy Puts GoPro On His Dog To Find Out What Happens When He Leaves (Video)
Video from a GoPro shows how a dog sits alone in a very sad state when his owner leaves the house.

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Man trying to do a handstand while BASE jumping fails, obviously
Video of a man failing while attempting a handstand while base jumping

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This dude let a train run over his GoPro on purpose
This video captures footage from under a train passing by at 75 mph, using a GoPro camera

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These Dancers Waltzing Across The Side Of A Building Will Take Your Breath Away
The stunt requires the duo, while suspended in air, to waltz alongside Oaklands City Hall building.

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