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Unhappy Meal: Texas Waiter Opens Fire After Argument With Customer
the disturbing moment a waiter opens fire in a famous texas steakuse.

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Watch This Insane Video Of A 13-Year-Old Buying A Gun In Seconds
The video, from a 2014 HBO sports segment, shows 13-year-old Jack buying a gun with relative ease.

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Chicago Man Shot Multiple Times While Live-Streaming On Facebook
the man, w has not been officially identified, was taken to a spital and as of thursday night was undergoing treatment.

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Watch This Super Smart Guy Fool Around With A Gun, Shoot Himself In The Head And Somehow Survive
a man sots himself in the head and survives the random act of stupidity,

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Woman posts live video of herself after being shot in Opa-Locka Burger King Drive-Thru
woman posts video after being st multiple times in florida.

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Utah Man Pulls Gun At McDonald's Drive-Thru (Video)
a man is captured by cell pne camera pulling a gun on mcdonald's workers after a brief confrontation with them.

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Crazy rednecks from Texas pull a gun on a motorcyclist after his mate pissed them off
a biker has a gun pulled on him during a recent road rage altercation.

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Genius Shop Owner Uses Homemade Flame-Thrower To Attack Robbers (Video)
a store owner fights robbers with a quickly improvised flamethrower weapon.

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Armed Men Invade Barber Shop With Guns But Werent Ready For What Happened Next!
graphic footage of an armed robber being st while trying to rob a barber sp.

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gansta news reporter: reporter:and
Chilling moment passer-by flashes a gun in a reporters face during a live Serbian television broadcast
man flashes gun on live tv during a weather report in serbia.

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Black Man Harassed for Legally Open Carrying – Proceeds to School the Cops on His Rights
police officers in bridgeport, ct follow around a black man for legally carrying a pistol on his hip.

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President Obama Gets Super Emotional During Powerful Gun Control Speech (Video)
President Obama tears up when announcing his new executive actions on gun control.

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More than 20 people reportedly shot at California medical facility In San Bernardino
police report at least 20 soting victims and fatalities at rrifying soting in san bernardino.

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WATCH: Texas woman shoots at fleeing thief in Walmart parking lot then gets in truck and drives off
a man is st and wrestled to the ground after allegedly ing an elderly woman's purse.

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Brazilian soccer referee pulls out handgun in middle of match
referee pulls out a gun during a soccer match in brazil.

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