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When I type "hehe" instead of "haha"
When I type "hehe" instead of "haha"

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Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out, Begins To Rant About Choking On ‘Big Black D**k’ In Front Of Her Mother
a teenage girl goes on an explicit rant to her mother about black es after waking up drugged from surgery.

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People Can't Stop Photoshopping This Hilarious Picture Of Taylor Swift
A photoshop battle begins on the internet when an odd picture of Taylor Swift is posted with a creepy guy standing behind her.

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Andy: I told you I would do something to say hello/
Obama Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles Sparked Some Of The GREATEST Photoshops You Will EVER See
Obama lost in virtual reality prompts some ridiculously hilarious memes.

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Drunk Boyfriend Falls Asleep Early During Visit To Bangkok, Girlfriend Pranks Him Putting Ladyboy In Bed And Filming It
girl enlists the help of a bangkok "ladyboy" to prank her sleeping boyfriend.

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The Internet Reacts To Hilariously Gross Picture Of Usain Bolt Making Out With Random Chick At Rio Club
Usain Bolt is caught in an awkward make out session with a woman in a Rio club and the internet makes fun.

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Kobe Bryant Gives The Ultimate Death Stare To Annoying Fan Filming His Family At Restaurant
Kobe Bryant gives his infamous death stare to a fan rudely recording his family at a restaurant.

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A Japanese Wrestler Won Gold And Thanked Her Coach In The Most Epic Way
A Japanese wrestler thanks her coach by slamming him twice as he rushes to congratulate her.

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15 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Getting Revenge Against Nate Diaz
Social media reacts to Nate Diaz's loss to Conor McGregor in their second UFC match.

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Louisiana Kid Cheers Everyone Up By Busting Dance Moves Behind Flood Reporter
A kid dancing behind TV reporter provides much needed joy as historic floods hit Louisiana.

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The Internet Reacts To Ryan Lochte Fleeing Brazil While His Teammates Get Detained Over Robbery Investigation
Ryan Lochte is accused of fabricating a story about being robbed in Brazil during the Olympics.

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Twitter Reacts To Shaunae Miller Diving To Win 400m
The funniest memes after Shaunae Miller's epic gold-winning dive.

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The 10 funniest Usain Bolt memes from his 100-Meter dash in Rio
The internet explodes with memes after Usain Bolt dominates in the 2016 Olympics.

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Heartthrob Teacher Strikes A Funny Pose After Jumping Out Of The Classroom Window
In the middle of a speech to his students, this teacher showed off his style by getting a little too energetic.

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Twitter Reacts To Michael Phelps Beating Chad Le Clos
Twitter goes nuts again for Michael Phelps' defeat of Olympic rival Chad Le Clos.

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