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Watch the best reactions to Kimmel's Halloween candy prank
Kids react during Jimmy Kimmel's "'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy'" prank.

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Drunk Boyfriend Falls Asleep Early During Visit To Bangkok, Girlfriend Pranks Him Putting Ladyboy In Bed And Filming It
girl enlists the help of a bangkok "ladyboy" to prank her sleeping boyfriend.

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Watch: Seth Rogen Brings Food to Life in Sausage Party Grocery Store Prank
Seth Rogen scares shoppers using animatronic food in a New York supermarket.

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WATCH: Matt Damon Pranks Unsuspecting People Jason Bourne-Style
Matt Damon goes full Jason Bourne to prank unsuspecting strangers with missions.

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'I don't do jet diggers!' Prankster convinces strange woman to ditch her boyfriend and fly to Miami with him by wowing her with private jet
A prankster approaches a random woman who is in a relationship, and tricks her into thinking he's going to fly her on his jet.

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Astros park rookie's Range Rover in center, bounce batting practice ball off it
A rookie for the Houston Astros is pranked pre-game. His teammates park his car in the outfield while practicing batting.

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This Fake Outlet At The Airport Prank Is The Ultimate In Mean, Is Also Perfect
A prankster places fake outlets in Airports in this hilarious video.

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Kobe Bryant pulled off a hilarious Hidden-Camera prank with Ellen DeGeneres
Kobe Bryant told a doctor he had a sweating problem for an Ellen DeGeneres prank.

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Staged Robbery
Man pretends to get robbed as a fake police officer helps with a surprise proposal.

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Festus Ezeli forcefully smashed an entire cake on Andre Iguodalas head
Warriors' Festus Ezeli gets some April Fools revenge on teammate Andre Iguodala, by smashing a cake on his head.

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Bros With Access To The Most Realistic Dinosaur In The World Use It To Scare The Poo Outta Their Coworkers (VIDEO)
Pranksters use a very realistic Dinosaur costume to prank co-workers in a parking garage.

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Batman Uber Prank Mixes Lamborghini Hooning and Giggling Hot Girls
Batman pranks Uber users by pulling up in a black Lamborghini Aventador.

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JR26668: Let coment if it good
This Has To Be Most Brutal Killer Bunny Scare Prank
pranksters scare strangers with a ridiculously creepy costumed bunny prank just.

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Watch This Dude Narrowly Escape A Beat Down For His Glorious ‘Boner At The Gym’ Prank
this awkward " in the gym prank" almost resulted getting beat up.

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Mario Kart IRL With Incredible Flash Mob Race At Shopping Mall
Pranksters zip through a shopping mall in a hilarious Mario Kart flash mob.

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