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Dude Creates YouTube Tutorial Using His Cheating Wife [VIDEO]
a guy gives a video tutorial on youtube using his wife cheating on him as the subject material.

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'Possessed' woman collapses and lets out Blood-Curdling screams in the supermarket as items fall from shelves as she walks past
woman begins randomly convulsing and screaming in a spping aisle in china leading people to believe she is possessed..

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Furious airport worker smashes up plane after 'Being fired by employer'
A video circulating around the internet allegedly shows a disgruntled airport worker destroying a plane because he was fired.

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Video Reportedly Shows Creature Swimming in Thames River in England
A massive unidentified creature is spotted in the Thames River.

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I Cant Stop Laughing At How This Drug Dealer Got Rid Of His Stash When He Got Pulled Over By The Police
funny viral footage sws an innovative way to dispose of drugs while stopped by police.

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Thief Steals Purse From Girl, Girl Revenge-Steals Something WAY More Valuable From Him Than A Purse (VIDEO)
woman in china gets her bag stolen leading the woman to immediately steal something from the thief.

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News Station Exaggerates This On-Camera Incident And Totally Fails (Video)
a local news station fails miserably at trying to stage an on-camera incident to help corroborate a news story.

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Gold Digging Girl Suddenly Wants To Give A Guy Her Number When She Finds Out He Drives A Lamborghini Gallardo Spider
a recent gold digger prank on youtube sws a woman quickly change her mind about giving a guy her number when she sees his lambo.

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Dead fish appears to come back to life as woman eats it
a half-eaten fish seems to come back to life as a woman is eating it.

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Argentinian Mother Captures Strange 'Goblin' On Camera, Viewers Question Authenticity (Video)
a small unknown figure seems to run behind a child in this controversial video from argentina.

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Watch: Alleged Ghost Throws Objects Around Woman's Home (Video)
a woman claims footage she captures in her ireland me is evidence that a gst is living inside.

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Guy Becomes Instantly Stupid After Smoking A New Type Of Weed 'Bubbly Kush' - Legit Or No?(Video)
an alleged new concentrate of kush called 'bubbly' seems to be the new trend for teens like the guy featured in this video.

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Watch: 'Ghost' Throws Furniture Around Hotel Room (Video)
viral footage appears to sw a severe case of paranormal activity.

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Hawks-Wizards Kiss Cam Segment Quickly Goes Viral (Video)
A woman spills her beer on fans in front of her when kissing her man for the 'kiss cam.'

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Dude tries to show off his muscles, gets shamed instead
A woman steals a man's 'Flexcam' moment by showing off her amazing arms.

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