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WATCH: Mariah Carey's Disaster Performance on New Year's Eve 2017
Mariah Carey suffers onstage meltdown during disastrous New Year's Eve show

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LeBron surprised family that won his new game show by hand-delivering their $1.3 million in cash
LeBron James surprises Akron couple with $1.3 million winnings from 'The Wall'

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Fights, Brawls, And Stabbings Erupt Across The Country During Last Day Of Christmas Shopping (VIDEOS)
fights erupted across this great nation during violent xmas spping.

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Students Surprise Teacher With Sneakers He Wanted In Adorable Viral Video
A class all pooled their money to buy their teacher a very special gift

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People are turning McDonald's holiday coffee cup into something NSFW
a guy just totally ruined mcdonald's liday cups with a simple drawing

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Massive Black Friday Brawl Proves This Day Is Basically 'The Purge'
video captures violent fight between black friday sppers at modesto mall

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ok y'all slow down

let's eat the  turkey first!!
ok y'all slow down

let's eat the turkey first!!

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These Are The Most Iconic Halloween Costumes Of 2016
A collection of the best Halloween costumes this year

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Nick Young Nearly Blows Off Hand (And Maybe More) Playing With Fireworks
NBA player Nick Young nearly blows his hand off while holding a lit firework.

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Kanye West, Tyga Dress Up as the Easter Bunny: See the Videos, Pics
Kanye West & Tyga attend the Kardashian Easter celebration, dressed in bunny costumes.

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Massive Fire Engulfs 63-Story Luxury Hotel In Dubai
No deaths were reported from the fire that took place outside the 20th floor of the Address Hotel in downtown Dubai.

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Cruel Daughter Pranks Dad By Gifting Him Baby Socks To Imply She’s Pregnant–His Reaction Is Priceless
girl gives dad baby socks for christmas and made him think she was pregnant.

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6-Year-Old Bro Gives Up All His Christmas Presents To Buy Gifts For The Homeless–Is Better Than You And I
A thoughtful six-year-old gives up his Christmas presents to the homeless.

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A Bunch Of People Got Hurt On Christmas Riding Their New Hoverboards
Hoverboard injuries surge, as the newly popular technology is gifted practically everywhere for the 2015 Christmas holiday.

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Dads Failing At Riding Hoverboards Are Ruining Christmas For Everyone
Dads across the country have big trouble attempting to ride the newly popular 'hoverboards.'

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