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This Guy Casually Sat In A Starbucks During A Flood And Became A Huge Meme
Photo of Starbucks staff awkwardly waiting for the old guy to finish up during a flood turns into a meme

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Alex Trebek Savagely Dragged A Loser Contestant Over Her Music Taste
Alex Trebek Makes Fun Of Jeopardy Contestant For Liking Nerdcore Hip-Hop!

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Commentators freak out after Lakers fan sniffs Kobe's sweaty sleeve
A Laker's fan rips Kobe's shooting sleeve away from another fan, then takes a whiff of it.

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Donald Trump's Newest Competition Is an Iowa Man Legally Named Deez Nuts
an iowa man legally named 'deez nuts' takes a huge percentage of a recent presidential race poll.

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Man spots banana moving – then spider bursts out
Spider bursts out of banana in YouTube video captured by Kaleb Lechowski.

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Halfway done installing security system cameras

Wake up next day to install my driveway cameras and my car is keyed and tires are slashed
Halfway done installing security system cameras

Wake up next day to install my driveway cameras and my car is keyed and tires are slashed

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Guy Accuses His Ex-Girlfriend Of Sleeping With Entire Wu-Tang Clan (Video)
a divorce court clip sws a boyfriend w accuses his woman of sleeping with the wle wu-tang clan.

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Cocky Tattooed Fighter Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds For Talking Sh*t (Video)
a y fighter receives some bad karma for trash talk after he is knocked out in 20 seconds in a featured mma fight.

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This Crazy Dude Jumps Off Of A Car To Get A Fight Started (Video)
a cell pne captures a crazy fight where one of the participants jumps off of a car in order to initiate the fighting.

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Women In Miami Are Using Actual Vacuums To Get Big Booties (Photos)
a new butt therapy trend in miami allegedly produces a bigger butt using vacuums.

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Guy Asks Wrong Number For Nudes And Gets Tricked Into Drawing Animals (Photos)
a guy receives a text from another man asking for nudes, and hilariously leads the poor guy on.

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A Student Told Her Professor She Wont Be Attending Class Because Its Beyonces Birthday
Student tells professor she wont be attending class just because its Beyonces BDay!

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The New Zealand Basketball Team Did The Haka And Ruined The USA
the new zealand tall blacks took on the usa in a basketball game for the ages by performing the haka dance.

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Drunk Guy Somehow Manages To Get Stuck Under An ATM Door
atm swallowed his card, a drunken man got scared he might get locked inside the booth. he tried to escape by squeezing underneath.

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Bold Guard Dog Protects His Neighborhood From The Roof Of His House (Photos)
Amazing pictures emerge of a Rottweiler standing on top of his three story home, as if he is protecting his turf from above.

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