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Watch Dave Chappelle's Powerful Opening Monologue on SNL
Dave Chappelle gives an iconic 'SNL' monologue, wishes Trump luck

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Runner Gives Up Shot At Gold To Help His Brother Over The Finish Line!
British triathlete abandons chance to win race to help brother across finish

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The Michelle Obama Speech That Brought Down The House At The DNC
The first lady endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on the opening day of the Democratic convention in an emotional speech.

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This White Cop Is Going Viral For His Police Work In Black Communities
An Arkansas police officer named Tommy Norman goes viral for all of the right reasons with his excellent community policing.

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DJ Khaled Gives Inspiring Words to Jeb Bush in the Most DJ Khaled Way Possible on Kimmel
DJ Khaled records a motivational message for GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

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Bro Gives Shivering Homeless Dude The Shirt Off His Back On NYC Subway
Warm-hearted man at New York subway gives his t-shirt and hat to a homeless man.

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6-Year-Old Bro Gives Up All His Christmas Presents To Buy Gifts For The Homeless–Is Better Than You And I
A thoughtful six-year-old gives up his Christmas presents to the homeless.

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Watch this inspirational video from DJ Khaled, then go out and achieve every single one of your goals
Music personality DJ Khaled shares a hilarious motivational video.

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After Watching Ray Lewis Freestyle About The Existence And Swag Of Man, You'll Be Weirded Out And Confused
ray lewis gives an awkward yet effective motivational speech.

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Deaf Woman's Encounter At Starbucks Goes Viral (Video)
Florida Starbucks accommodates deaf community.

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Paralyzed Man Walks Across The Graduation Stage With Help From Fiancée (Video)
A guy who suffered a paralyzing football injury defies the odds and walks across his graduation stage.

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President Obama Personally Called Moms On Mothers Day To Thank Them (Video)
Barack Obama takes some time to make personal phone calls to great Moms across America.

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Two Men Jump Onto Subway Tracks To Save Man In Wheelchair Who Fell (Video)
Man in wheelchair saved after falling on to DC subway tracks.

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NBA All-Star MVP Russell Westbrook Surprises Single Mom With a Brand-New Car
NBA superstar Russell Westbrook selflessly donates a car he received as an award, to an individual in need.

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He Approached A Homeless Man To Take His Money, But Then This Happened
A powerful social experiment shows homeless people with barely any material possessions willing to give their last.

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