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Teacher's Aide Arrested After Video Of Him Choke-Slamming His Mouthy Student Goes Viral
a milwaukee public scols staff member is caught on tape cking out a student into a row of desks.

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The Internet Is OUTRAGED Over This Principal Paddling A 5-Year-Old While His Mom Stands By Helpless
The shocking moment a Georgia elementary school principal paddles a five-year-old student in front of the child's mother.

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Woman Casually Breastfeeds Baby on Live TV Behind WVU Bench During Big 12 Tournament
A woman unashamedly breastfeeds her baby during a NCAA basketball game on live television.

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Soldiers Attached A GoPro To The Gun Turret Of A Tank While They Were Fighting ISIS And The Footage Is Legit
surreal footage of iraqi special forces fighting with isis.

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Rum-Drunk Monkey Wields Butcher Knife
A drunk monkey armed with a butcher knife holds off local authorities in a rooftop standoff.

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18-Year-Old 'Dr. Love' Denies Impersonating a Physician Before Storming Out of Good Morning America Interview
A teen arrested for practicing medicine illegally speaks out on Good Morning America.

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Caught On Camera: Honolulu Tourist Helicopter Crashes In Pearl Harbor!
A bystander captures the crazy moment when a helicopter crashes into a bed of water near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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Watch This Badass Dog Save Its Owner From A Sneak Attack By One Of The Most Venomous Snakes In The World
A dog's quick reflexes helps to save its owner from a potentially deadly snake bite.

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Dude Gets Shot in the Chest, Smokes Cigarette During Live TV Interview Right After
A man does a casual interview in front of his house, shortly after being shot in the chest at the same location.

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Florida Cop Shooter Rants To Judge About Dirty Cops And George Zimmerman “How Can A Church Shooter Get A Bond But I Can’t?” [Video]
In bond court Saturday, accused cop shooter David Mejia used his opportunity in front of a judge to vent his frustrations.

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High School Student Charged With Harassment After Blowing Smoke In Teacher's Face (Video)
A teen aged student is arrested and charged with sexual harassment after blowing smoke in his teacher's face.

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Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket land, tip over, and explode
Elon Musk's Falcon 9 rocket tips over and explodes after making it's landing on a droneship.

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Insane Rogue Wave Takes Out More Than 100 Beachgoers On The Australian Coast
Incredible footage has emerged online of the moment a hugewave slammed into a group of people at a popular Aussie swimming hole.

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NOPE! This Deformed Mountain Lion Found With Teeth Growing From Its Forehead Has Experts Mystified
a deformed mountain lion found in ida puzzles scientists and wildlife officials alike.

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Video Appears to Show Teacher's Aide Attacking Special Needs Student
a teacher's aide attacks a nine-year-old special needs child.

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