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This Chicks Uber Driver Was The Guy With The 'You've Got Mail' Voice From AOL!!!
The AOL You've Got Mail' Voice Actor Is An Uber Driver In Cleveland

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A 12-Year-Old Girl Is Receiving Death Threats After Posting Pictures With Safari Animals She Gunned Down In South Africa
a preteen girl receives death threats over her gruesome hunting ptos posted online.

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Is he barking mad? The heart-stopping moment a speeding 4WD race car jumps over a dog on a dirt track
Incredibly lucky puppy dodges speeding rally car by mere inches.

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New Jersey cop saves a suicidal man as he refused to get off train tracks
The heroic moment a transit cop saved a suicidal man as he refused to get off the tracks.

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Millionaire Accused Of Abuse Finds Surveillance Video Of Ex-Fiancée BEATING HERSELF UP To Prove His Innocence!
surveillance video allegedly sws a millionaire's ex-fiance beating herself in order to claim abuse.

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DAD JUSTICE! Enraged Father Destroys His Daughters Audi A4 With A Bulldozer After Finding Her In The Car With A Boy
This is a video of an alleged father who is enraged after catching his daughter creeping with her boyfriend.

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Andy: I told you I would do something to say hello/
Obama Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles Sparked Some Of The GREATEST Photoshops You Will EVER See
Obama lost in virtual reality prompts some ridiculously hilarious memes.

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Exchange Student From Ohio Sings in Perfect Korean Leaves Judges in Tears
An exchange student from the United States blows away a Korean crowd in a singing competition.

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Donald Trump Probably Regrets Holding Up This Sign
Meme makers take advantage of Donald Trump holding a sign at a rally with tons of funny photoshop edits.

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Heroes rescue woman trapped in submerged car in dramatic video
The dramatic moment when a couple of men help to rescue a woman and her dog from a car submerged in water.

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Twitter went bonkers at Katie Ledecky's blowout 800 freestyle win
People on Twitter could not get over Katie Ledecky's insane 800-meter win.

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People Can’t Get Enough Of This Guy’s Videos With His ‘Squad’ Of Deer Friends
a guy's videos featuring his relationship with a family of deer goes viral

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Chicago officials release bodycam footage of cops handcuffing unarmed teen and 'Leaving him to die' after shooting him in the back - but crucial video of the killing is suspiciously missing
Chicago police have released controversial footage showing the shooting of 18-year-old Paul ONeal.

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MT: Putting jeans on
Lindsay Lohan and Fiancé’s Violent Fight Caught on Camera
lindsey lohan and her boyfriend are caught fighting over cheating allegations on a beach near london.

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Tonga's shirtless, muscular, oiled up flagbearer set the Internet on fire
Tonga is lead by an oiled up flag bearer during the Olympics opening ceremony, and twitter goes nuts.

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