Iowa Hawkeyes Jokes

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Q: What is the difference between a bucket of shit and a Hawkeyes fan?

A: The bucket.

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Q: Why does a Hawkeyes fan pour his cereal on a plate?

A: He lost his bowls.

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Q: What is a Hawkeyes fan's favorite whine?

A: "We can't beat Michigan."

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Q. How did the Iowa Hawkeye die from drinking milk?

A. The cow fell on him!

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Q: What does a Iowa Hawkeyes fan do when his team has won the BCS championship?

A: He turns off the PlayStation 3.

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Q: How do you casterate an Iowa Hawkeyes fan?

A: Kick his sister in the mouth.

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Q: What's the difference between an Iowa Hawkeyes fan and a carp?

A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.

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Q: If you have a car containing a Hawkeyes wide receiver, a Hawkeyes linebacker, and a Hawkeyes defensive back, who is driving the car?

A: The cop.

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