Irish Disses

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irish handcuffs (n.)

lding an alcolic drink in each hand
irish handcuffs (n.)

lding an alcolic drink in each hand

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What's the difference between a lawyer and an Irishman?

One has passed a BAR.

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There was a promiscuous young couple making love in the back seat of their car. Temperatures were rising and things were getting intense, and finally the girl gasped, "Oh darling, darling, kiss me where it smells!"
So he drove her to Ireland!

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Q: What's the difference between an Irish funeral and an Irish wedding?

A: One less drunk

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Two niggers and an Irishman are walking down the street. The first nigger snaps his fingers and says, "Yo man, I got the rhythm!"

The other nigger snaps his fingers and says, "Yo man, I have the rhythm!"

The Irishman snaps his fingers and says, "Yo man, I can't get this snot off my fingers!"

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What do you call an Irish homosexual?


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Why do women slap Irish midgets?

Because they are always telling them how nice their hair smells!

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How do you sink an Irish submarine?

Knock on the door!

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Lick the cover of a book of matches, then bend it back so that the matches are exposed and stick the book of matches to your forehead. What do you have?

An Irish miner!

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Have you heard about the new Irish sex change for women?


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Why don't the Irish become chemists?

Because they can't fit the little bottles in the typewriter!

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Why did the Irishman want to become a veterinarian?

Because he liked old war heroes!

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