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Some times you see something online, that you just makes you stare and slow blink. You have no words, other than “just wrong” one of those things that just make you lose faith in all of humanity. Welcome to the most ratchet, strangest and down right weirdest part of the net.

Here we’ve added the most popular and viral just wrong jokes and meme from all over the Internet. We have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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rapper young thug goes on verbal tirade against airline black employees.

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People Are Furious About This Teacher Grabbing an Autistic Students Mic During Performance
Teacher Snatches Mic From An Autistic Boy Leaving Him In Tears!

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People Are Cracking Up At This Teen Who Got Cropped Out Of Conor McGregors Instagram Pic
A girl and tagged McGregor in a photo they took. When she looked at McGregor's Instagram later, she got a total shock.

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Kid Punches Teacher, Gets Knocked Out By Other Student As A Reminder Never To Hit A Teacher
student steps in and knocks out clmate after female teacher is punched during a fight.

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Man Goes On Racist Rant At Latino Workers (Video)
man unleashes bigoted tirade on latino construction workers and it's all caught on tape.

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Daughter livestreams her parents on a heroin binge after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV
a young woman captures the disturbing moment she finds her parents high on e, and shares it in an online live stream.

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Trump Caught Making Vulgar Sexual Remarks (Video)
republican candidate donald tp's lewd comments about women are leaked after 2005 t mic interview.

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Graphic Video Shows Baylor Wide Receiver Ishmael Zamora Beating Dog With Belt
a college football player is caught beating and kicking a helpless dog with a belt.

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A 12-Year-Old Girl Is Receiving Death Threats After Posting Pictures With Safari Animals She Gunned Down In South Africa
a preteen girl receives death threats over her gruesome hunting ptos posted online.

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Anthony Weiner Caught In ANOTHER Sexting Scandal As He Shares A Selfie In Bed With His Son!!
political figure antny weiner is caught in another sexting. this time while taking crotch selfies in bed with his son.

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Watch: This Photo of a Toddler Tied to a Fence Has People Outraged
A man catches a toddler strapped to a gate with a bungee cord.

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Woman Catches Dude Jacking It On The Train And Tees Off On Him: You Rub Your Dick When You Get Off The Train
video of a woman confronting a man for sexually stimulating himself in public goes viral.

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3 Men Shot In Virginia While Streaming Live On Facebook
police said the three victims, ages 27 and 29, were taken to a nearby spital for treatment, with two suffering life threatening

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When they catch North West playing with her dolls
When they catch North West playing with her dolls

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tell your dad happy father's day before he has a sex change - kylie jenner
tell your dad happy father's day before he has a sex change - kylie jenner

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